Man saws tree into Ford truck bed, ends badly

If you think about it on its most basic and elementary level, cutting down a tree and having it fall into your pickup truck bed might not be the worst idea. It can save you the labor of having to pick up off of the ground, right?

Well, after having even the briefest understanding of how the world works, you will quickly realize that this seemingly genius idea might not be all that genius after all.

We watch as a man attempts to do just that and as you can imagine, when the tree finally does fall, all hell breaks loose as the suspension of the Ford truck is crushed and it begins to roll forward!

Check out the video below as Richard seems to have screwed up big time with this one. Next time, we bet that he will have a bit more patience and just pick up the pieces off of the ground before placing them in the bed of truck.


5 Things to Know about the Ford/Dodge Rivalry

1. Dodge v. Ford Motor Company

In 1919, the Ford Motor Company was sued by its shareholders because of Henry Ford’s strategy of wanting to employ more men, pay them more, increase production, and decrease car prices, essentially “spreading the benefits” of the industrial system. This was problematic for the shareholders, particularly for brothers John and Horace Dodge who owned 10% of the company and were among the largest shareholders. The Dodge brothers argued that special dividends for the shareholders should be paid out, whereas Ford wanted to use the money to invest in new plants to rapidly increase production.


2. Ford Threatened to Start Another Company

When the Michigan Supreme Court sided with the shareholders, stating that Ford could not turn a for-profit corporation into more of a charitable company by withholding dividends from shareholders, Ford threatened to start a rival company to compete in the market. His intention was to try to get the shareholders, including the Dodge brothers, to sell their shares back to him so that he could gain more control over how the money was spent. Ford suspected that the Dodge brothers were trying to start their own car motor company through the use of their dividends earned from Ford, which ended up being true. The Dodge Brothers were earning around $1 million in Ford stock annually. Ford ended up paying the Dodge brothers $25 million after the suit was settled.

3. Dodge Brothers Company Origin

Ford was absolutely correct in his suspicions that the Dodge brothers wanted to start producing their own cars, and they expanded by using both their dividends from their stakes in Ford Motor Co. as well as their settlement money from the lawsuit in 1919. The Dodge Brothers Company actually came about in 1900 as a machine shop, when they got their real start making engine and chassis components for the Ford Motor Co. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

In 1914, John Dodge was apparently quoted as saying, “Someday, people who own a Ford are going to want an automobile.” Shade was thrown and there was no going back; a rivalry had officially begun. That same year, they introduced a “more upscale” competitor to the Ford Model T, the four-cylinder Dodge Model 30. It ranked them in second in U.S. sales by 1916, which is when Ford really began paying attention, and the lawsuit followed after he refused to keep paying dividends that they were using to fuel their company. Ford wanted the Dodge Brothers out of the company for good.


4. The Competition Fizzles

The Dodge Brothers both died in 1920 from illnesses, and their company was never able to out-sell Ford Motor Co. Throughout the ’20s, Dodge lost its ranking as the third best-selling car maker and dropped down to seventh in the U.S. by 1927. Their company was sold in the next year to Chrysler. Their styling didn’t appeal to consumers as much as Ford’s did.

Years later, in 1954, Chrysler borrowed $250 million to go partially towards upgrading the style of their cars. They hadn’t benefited from the postwar boom nearly as much as Ford had. By the 1973 Oil Crisis, Dodge had to move slowly to downsize their largest cars to offer more efficiency, whereas Ford was able to make the change quickly due to better financial standing.

5. No Contest

Fast forward to 2009, when Chrysler filed for bankruptcy following the bursting of the housing bubble and received a bailout from the U.S. government. Bankruptcy “wasn’t an option” for Ford Motor Co., despite their inevitable struggles amidst the financial crisis at the time. Instead, they requested a credit line to help safeguard against the economic uncertainty of the market, and basically got lucky when credit default swaps erased billions of dollars in liabilities for them.

Since then, the demand for Ford trucks have gone up and up, easily beating out its competitors’ sales. According to, total U.S. sales for Ford rose 5% from last year, with F-Series sales jumping 11% alone. In contrast, Chrysler’s sales plummeted by 47%, and even though Ram Truck sales rose by 12%, Dodge sales went down 21% overall. Sorry, Dodge — you’ll never outrank Ford!

’80s Ads Show Ford’s Silly Side (Video)



Vintage Eighties Ford truck commercials will make you long for the days of Rubik’s Cube, hair metal and ‘Bigfoot’

Let’s face it, TV ads just aren’t what they used to be. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these awesomely hilarious vintage Ford Truck commercials from the ’80s. They tout the toughness of both the Ford Ranger and the F-150 over and over again. And over again…Catch our drift?

When the Ranger hit the market, Ford was determined to show that it was just as tough and capable as its big brother. And that’s exactly what this series of ads focused on. After watching the Ranger climb a hill of rocks, we’re treated to something special! Both the Ranger and the Ford F-150 plow through a muddy field after watching the legendary Bigfoot monster truck do it. How cool is that?

Even if you’re a city slicker who never sees these types of rugged terrain, Ford proved that you needed a truck, too. We see the Ranger tackle potholes and giant beams (?) while curiously driving rather quickly through a construction area. Pretty sure that doesn’t happen in real life, but hey, it could.

It all adds up to two and a half minutes of sheer throwback goodness. If you were lucky enough to be around in the ’80s, it’s also a nice reminder of how over-the-top and entertaining commercials used to be.

The US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX is a Ford F-450 on Steroids


Ever since the Hummer H2 was buried into its bankruptcy grave there hasn’t been a Terminator-looking off-road vehicle available on the market. To make matters worse, when Ford discontinued the Excursion, the extra-large diesel, 4×4 SUV market completely died. Until now…

Say hello to the Rhino GX. This military-looking vehicle is manufactured by a company called US Specialty Vehicles out of California, and it’s based on a Ford F-450 commercial truck chassis. Allow that to sink in for a minute, a truck chassis is basically a small truck cab sitting on a bare chassis, which means it takes thousands of man-hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it to look and drive like this. In fact, the price of the unit featured on this video is over $220,000 bucks.


WATCH: Hunter Shoots 3 Bucks in 35 Seconds

This definitely is one of the wildest deer hunting videos you’ll ever see and we guarantee you’ll watch it more than once.

You’ll probably watch it two or three times, at least. It’s pretty wild. Here’s what the description says on the YouTube post about it:

While participating in a party hunt, John Oens shoots 1 ten point and 2 eight point bucks in 35 seconds with an Ithaca Deer slayer III chambered in 20 gauge. The first buck is at the 200 yard range but the Hornady SST slugs still do their job.

Every state has different laws and regulations, so what happens in yours doesn’t automatically mean that’s a blanket law or regulation everywhere. States have various laws/regs for buck and doe seasons and limits, firearms and ammo, and so forth.

The New Ranger Needs to Have a Raptor Version

While Ford hasn’t officially confirmed anything, we do believe pretty strongly that a new Ford Ranger is in the works that will be sold here in the United States. It’s also the same reason why we believe a new Bronco is coming. But one thing we do know is that if they do a new Ranger, they need to do an off-road special. They need something to compete with the new Tacoma TRD Pro and the Colorado Trail Boss. That something should be beyond just the FX4. It should be a Raptor.

First of all, a Raptor-fied Ranger would sell well because everything with a Raptor badge sells well. All previous versions of the Raptor sold with very few, if any, discounts, and were some of the fastest selling products Ford made. That alone should be reason enough to make it happen.

But another good reason is that Toyota is really upping the game with the Tacoma TRD Pro. While we don’t necessarily expect people to cross shop the Tacoma (Tacoma buyers are typically very loyal), we also don’t expect Ford to not be competitive in this space.

Let’s take a minute to look at the specifications of the TRD Pro Tacoma and how easy it’d be for a new Ranger Raptor to compete;

  • 16-inch TRD black alloy wheels with Goodyear Wrangler® All-Terrain Kevlar®-reinforced tires
  • TRD Pro aluminum front skid plate
  • Rigid Industries® LED fog lights
  • Projector-beam headlights with black bezels, LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), and auto on/off featuret
  • 4-way adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support and 4-way adjustable front passenger seat
  • Entune™ Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite
  • Leather-trimmed tilt/telescopic steering wheel with audio and Bluetooth®  hands-free phone controls
  • Rear parking assist sonar
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA)
  • FOX 2.5 Internal Bypass shocks tuned by TRD
  • TRD-tuned front springs with a 1-inch lift
  • TRD-tuned rear suspension with progressive-rate off-road leaf spring

If you look at that list, you really don’t see anything special that couldn’t be applied to, or already exists on, a current Ford product.

Additionally, Ford will have an advantage over Toyota when it comes to powertrain and fuel economy. The new Tacoma uses a tried-and-true V6 engine with a 6-speed automatic. However, fuel economy isn’t that stellar. A modern EcoBoost engine and more modern transmission could return stronger fuel economy numbers while offering better performance.

Finally, while we haven’t had a chance to test the various drive modes on the new Ford Raptor, it’s technology that could be easily adapted to the smaller Ranger, helping improve the off-road credentials even more.

Ideally, the Ranger line would look like this;

  • Ranger XL
    • Available FX4 Off-Road on all versions, except Raptor.
  • Ranger XLT
  • Ranger Limited
  • Ranger Raptor
    • Special off-road equipment exclusive to Raptor.

How will it all actually shake out? We don’t know. Though, we don’t expect to hear anything about either a new Ranger or a new Bronco until next year. Check out our proposed timeline for the launch of both of those vehicles.


5 Unknown Facts About the Ford F-150

While some of these facts may not be completely unknown, they’re surely a lot less regurgitated than the typical “America’s best selling truck for 39 consecutive years.” Buckle up and get ready to learn some cool (and maybe useless) facts about the best pickup truck in the market.

The current truck hierarchy was established in 1953

Sure, the very first Ford pickup may date back to the mid-1920’s, but the current F-150, F-250 and F-350 didn’t officially roll out to the public until 1953. From that moment on, the public really caught-on to the simple numeric formula of “the bigger the number the bigger the truck.” Pure genius!

Ferrari once named a Formula One race car, the Ferrari F150

Given the fact that I’m a big-time F1 fan, I remember this one clearly. Ferrari wanted to celebrate their 50 years of involvement in the sport, and therefore named their F1 racing car, the F150.

Once Ferrari made the announcement public, Ford quickly got lawyers involved and sent a kind letter to Maranello. Ferrari kindly (supposedly) understood, and renamed it the F150 Italia. Funny enough, this was one of the worst performing racing cars they ever engineered!

All Ford trucks were 4×2 until 1959

Believe it or not, 4×4 wasn’t really a thing until almost 1960! Can you imagine going to the dealer and not having the option to get a 4×4 F-150?

According to Thrillist, trucks prior to 1959 had to be sent to a third-party company to be outfitted with 4×4 drivetrains. I totally didn’t know this, did you?

The Ford Bigfoot was the first monster truck ever!

While original prototypes were primarily Ford F-250-based, there have been multiple bodies featured on the very first and most iconic monster truck ever, though it’s primarily been an F-150 through the decades.

Bigfoot became the visual description of a monster truck when it became the first factory truck to break into the scene in the mid-eighties. The big blue truck populated bedroom walls with promotional posters and all kinds of swag handed out at events and appearances.

Once upon a time, you could get a camper-ready Ford from the factory

Towing packages, trailering packages and heavy duty suspensions are kind of a modern thing, as those luxuries and custom specifications didn’t really exist back in the day.

That being said, the personal camper boom of the sixties prompted Ford to offer camper-ready suspensions on their F trucks. It was a simple tweak to offer stiffer and heavy duty suspensions, but it paid off big time in sales figures.


When and what color of lipstick to use

For the daytime

Colors to try: pink, peach, body tones, fruity tones or wild berries.


Colors to avoid: all dark tones.

Do not wear heavy makeup during the day. Aside from looking out of place you are running the risk of highlighting your defects and worst features.

For the night

Colors to try: bright red, bright pink, beige.

Colors to avoid: there are no such colors. All shades of lipstick are allowed for the evenings.

The evening is the time for you to shine. Just do not go overboard. If you use a lipstick in vibrant, intense colors, keep your eye makeup neutral, or else you will look fake and tacky.

For teenagers

Colors to try: pink, peach, gloss.

Colors to avoid: all dark tones.

This is the time of life when you are supposed to experiment with your look and find out what looks best on you. While discovering your personal style, keep in mind that youth is beauty. Do not make yourself look older with heavy makeup and inappropriate colors. Highlight your freshness instead.

If you are older than 20

Colors to try: golden, fuchsia, sparkling red.

Colors to avoid: the ones which are not personally flattering.

Warm colors highlight the youthfulness. Use golden nuances for work and brighter tones for the evening. From time to time add a little shine to your makeup.

If you are over 30

You already know which colors look good on you and how you can bring out your best features.


3 elementary tips for a successful manicure

I have never been able to polish my nails well and I am not proud of that. Sometimes I feel like my hands are not listening to me at all. Even though I try to do my best, the results are never what I have expected and my nails do not look as good as I wish them to. The visits to the beauty salons for a manicure, done by a specialist cost a lot of money especially if you have to do it every week.

Fortunately, in the recent years I have learned a few useful tricks that help me to decorate my nails much more successful.


Like, for example, these three:

• I always decorate firstly the fingers of the dominant hand – in my case this is the right one. Why? Well, very simply. Since the left is weaker in the commission of such precise activities, it would be good if it is not freshly polished when doing them. Plus, as a whole, the strategy to begin first with the difficult things almost always leads to the achievement of good results.

• Besides with nail polish remover, I remove the remaining nail polish with a cotton swab soaked in vodka or in another spirit. Thus my nail plates are perfectly cleaned and fully prepared for polishing. If there is anything left on the nails such as oils for cuticles or nourishing products, the nail polish will smear.

• And last but not least: I use fast drying top coat that gives me the assurance that my manicure will not be damaged shortly after it was made. Another trick in this case is to apply thin layers of the nail polish and to wait for each one of them to completely dry before the next one.

Well, these are my little secrets. Be of good cheer!


The Top 3 most original manicures

With just a few easy steps you can shine with manicure of a Hollywood star. Here’s how to make a manicure with a newspaper, like marble or with lace.

“Newspaper” manicure

1. Select a suitable polish color for this type of manicure. Apply carefully on the nails and let it dry.

2. Cut small pieces of newspaper in the shape of a square, which you will later stick on your nails.

3. In a small vessel pour ethyl alcohol.

4. Follows the most important part – dip your fingers one by one in the ethyl alcohol, then carefully attach the pieces of the paper on the nails. Press each fingernail to stick well to the newspaper, and then remove it. On top apply colorless nail polish for a longer lasting effect and you’re done.

Manicure with marble effect

“The marble” manicure is very fresh and will charge your mood. The rule here is to not use old lacquers, since they will not work. The compressed varnishes will make the layer very thick. Prepare several polishes, the choice of colors is yours. However, do not mix too many colors to not become kitschy.

1. Pour water into a small cup. Drip in the water one drop of each of the desired colors. Do not pour the varnish from a great distance because the drops will sink, and they must remain on the surface. Gently mix the colors.

2. Cut pieces of tape with which you will paste your fingers around the nails. They will protect the skin from the nail polish. After the procedure, clean with nail polish remover if there are stains.

3. Dip your nails in the water one by one. Then carefully allow to elapse the unnecessary amount so that the surface remains smooth. After 15 minutes, remove the tape. Apply clearcoat for a lasting effect.

Manicure with lace or mesh

1. Paint your nails in the desired color.

2. Cut pieces of lace or mesh which you will stick tightly on the nails after the polish is dry.

3. Polish with a contrasting color over the lace.

4. After and the second layer of polish has dried, cut the protruding pieces of the net or lace. Apply top coat.