Mother Pulls Over In Vacant Lot To Fix Flat Tire, Hears Someone Approaching from Behind (Photo)

A woman has shared her tale of how a complete stranger improved her day by offering a few minutes of assistance.

She stopped her car as soon as she could to change her tire. The place she found was a vacant parking lot.

She got out of the car and examined the tire, which was completely flat.

“I pulled out the worst jack on earth and my T-bar and tried to start changing my tire,” Soucy wrote in a social media post.

But she hadn’t made it very far when she felt a tap on her shoulder. A police officer identified in reports only as Officer Clark offered a hand to make sure Soucy got back on the road.

“He didn’t even ask if I needed help or what happened, he just started helping me,” she added.

Soucy allowed him to take over.

“He changed my flat faster than I’ve ever seen someone change one and considering the tools I had for him to work with, it was quite impressive,” she wrote.

Soucy hoped her story would let others know about how easy it is to make someone’s day.

“Please share this around so that he will know what his kindness and compassion meant to me,” she added.

Her post went viral.

Soucy is not the only person to benefit recently from a helping hand from an officer when dealing with a flat tire.

Officer Biggs noticed a family in Mishawaka, Indiana, with a flat tire in late July, according to WTHR. He not only stopped to help them change the tire, but also paid the towing costs to get them to a local tire repair store.

Sources: Mad World News, WTHR / Photo credit: Mad World News


A pack of dogs heroically protected a nearly naked toddler after the baby boy was completely forgotten by his own mother.

According to Mercury News, 26-year-old Cassandra Violet Bustamante was fast asleep in her Victorville home while her toddler was around the corner in Brentwood Park in the rain.

A Sheriff’s Department news release revealed that a San Bernardino County sheriff’s Victorville sergeant discovered the toddler after authorities received a call about a small child stuck in the rain all alone.

When the sergeant arrived at the park, he found the diaper-clad toddler in the pouring rain surrounded by about seven protective dogs.

According to the news release, the sergeant quickly attempted to grab the child, but the dogs refused to allow a stranger near him.

Authorities eventually rescued the toddler and located his home, where they found the front door open and the seven dogs from the park inside.

Officials later revealed that it was not completely clear if the dogs just ran into the home or if they were actually family pets.

Bustamante, identified as the toddler’s mother, was reportedly fast asleep in the home, where investigators soon found the little boy’s two siblings.

According to sheriff’s officials, Bustamante did not know how her son got out of the house.

Children and Family Services was later called and the children were released into the care of their father, according to Mercury News.

KHOU shared this story on Facebook, where hundreds of people praised the pack of dogs for protecting the little boy when his mother could not.

“Amazing story of his protectors. 7 dogs would normally be in pack mode. They took that child and protected him as best as they could. I would imagine that protective instinct was keeping the officer from getting that child out of the cold rain and he had no choice. The baby comes first. Seeing that the dog is recovering, most likely the officer didn’t shoot to kill. He did the right thing. The dog is recovering, the child is recovering and safe. They can sort out this story without a single death. Good job!” one woman wrote.

“Some people don’t deserve dogs.. They are just good natured, protectors. Mans best friend. And some people have the audacity and inhumanity to do the things that they do to them. This is incredible really,” another added.

Some commenters even asked others not to judge the little boy’s mother too quickly.

“And all the holier than thou parents start the finger pointing. So what if the door didn’t have all the child proof locks? What if she couldn’t afford those kind of locks because diapers and formula are so expensive? What if she plainly FORGOT to lock the door? Or she thought someone had already locked the door? We are human. The question in her community should be… how can we help her? How can I become her friend? How can we provide good counsel for her? Can we pitch in to child proof her house? For real y’all. One day it could be you in any other kind of situation. And finger pointing isn’t going to help you but a helping hand will,” one woman wrote.