The Mayor of Pittsburgh Just Took Out This Full Page Ad Against Trump

The Mayor of Pittsburgh, as well as the executive of Allegheny County, just took out a full page ad to speak out against President Trump.

Democrat Bill Peduto, who has been Pittsburgh’s mayor since 2014, was so offended by Trump defending his decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement by saying he was “elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” that he is now taking out a full-page ad in his local paper to make it clear that Trump doesn’t represent his city.

Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto & other top regional officials sign statement slated to run in full page ad tomorrow, condemning Trump Paris move.

— Eric Lipton (@EricLiptonNYT) June 5, 2017

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Peduto’s ad has been co-signed by Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, along with two state senators and eight state representatives representing Western Pennsylvania in the Pennsylvania state legislature. Multiple local elected officials in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County also added their names to the ad.

“President Trump: You are not ‘representing’ Pittsburgh by stalling action to solve climate change by abandoning the Paris agreement,” the ad reads in capital letters. “Pittsburghers overwhelmingly support action on climate change.”

“We want to grow clean energy jobs and a strong economy. We want our families to breathe healthy air and reduce pollution,” the ad continues. “[W]e want to leave a healthy and safe planet where we’ve addressed and solved climate change — for our kids and future generations.”

“President Trump, WE represent Pittsburgh, and WE will build a clean energy future. And we want to be leaders here and abroad in the fight to tackle climate change for Pittsburghers and for all Pennsylvanians.”

As Mayor Peduto noted following Trump’s comments about representing Pittsburgh, approximately 80 percent of his city’s voters actually cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, not Trump. Peduto also pledged on his verified Twitter account to continue following his city’s commitment to reduce greenhouses gases as part of the historic 2015 Paris accords.

Fact: Hillary Clinton received 80% of the vote in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh stands with the world & will follow Paris Agreement @HillaryClinton

— bill peduto (@billpeduto) June 1, 2017

Ford’s Original Shaggin’ Wagon

Owning a van of any size has become tragically unhip, primarily due to the minivan/soccer mom movement of the 1990s. Back in the 1970s, having a custom van was the next best thing to driving a badass muscle car.

The custom van culture was so popular, that in the mid-1970s Ford Motor Company went as far as to feature modified vehicles in their advertising campaigns.

Unlike the modern era of automotive advertising where vehicles are shown in their stock form, Ford promoted their full-size vans in a way to make them seem like cool cruisers, and not like work vans.

Ford marketed full-size vans based on the ability to turn them into the coolest rides on the streets, and this week’s “Throwback Thursday” video shows that.

This 1976 Ford Econoline van ad chronicles the daily life of a guy named Merton Grundy, who spends his days as a grunt at the local bank. He dresses like a square and drives a full size Ford van, but not just any big van.

Merton drives a fully customized Econoline van, with flames down the side, custom body work, custom wheels, and a ridiculous wing on the roof.

Best of all, like a proper 1970s shaggin’ wagon van, Merton has the rear cargo area completely decked out with shag carpeting and furniture that is perfect for… take a wild guess. As a result, the nerdy corporate peon is able to score a lovely blonde, all thanks to his awesome custom Ford Econoline van.

Texas Badass Shows Entitled Brats Exactly What He Thinks Of Their Protest

An incredible video is going viral after a few liberals decided to show up in force to demand more of what they did not earn. Unfortunately for the entitled brats, it seems that not everyone was willing to put up with their antics – and one Texas badass decided to show the punks exactly what he thought of their pathetic protest.

As is usually the case these days, liberals don’t really need an excuse to hit the streets in protest of something they find “offensive.” Just that turned out to be the case in Durham, Texas, when they hijacked May Day, which was once an ancient holiday celebrating the coming of the summer months, blocking traffic in the name of “tolerance” and “progress.”

According to IJ Review, the entitled punks of the left decided that they would use the day to protest in the name of worker’s rights – well, kind of. In essence, all they wanted was a higher minimum wage to earn more than they’re worth and take what isn’t theirs.

Although the leftist movement of spoiled brats has grown as more millennials feel emboldened to slither out from their parent’s basements, not everyone is so excited to see the morons using their right to Free Speech for such pathetic reasons. Proving that was a badass Texan in a diesel-powered truck who protesters dared to try to stop – and to say things didn’t turn out how they expected would be putting it lightly.

As seen in the video, the driver of the truck showed the whining liberals exactly what he thought of their protest by driving straight through it. Although the attention seekers desperately tried to bring the man to a halt at all costs, they were unable to do so as the man merely hit the gas.

Here’s the fed up driver from a second view:

With the rev of the engine, the man was able to cut through the crowd like a hot knife through butter with even the pathetic stragglers eventually giving way:




Unfortunately for the whiners who were more concerned with infringing on the rights of others than doing the right thing, they were unable to get the man’s plates before he drove off into the sunset. As one would imagine, social media is singing the man’s praises as fed-up Americans are growing sick of seeing the ever frequent sight of “tolerant” liberals squashing the rights of others.

The right to Free Speech is a necessity here in America, but your rights stop when you begin to infringe on those of others. When it comes down to it, you don’t have the right to stop someone from doing what they want simply because you want to be heard.

Furthermore, you’re putting yourself in danger and only have yourself to blame when something bad happens as a result. After all, if you make someone feel threatened by mobbing an unsuspecting victim’s car – well, no one is really going to care when you get run over by the person who is defending themselves and their property. If ever there was proof that liberalism is a mental disorder, this display of their self-righteous and selfish mentality is it.

1941 Ford Truck Takes a Turn For the Wild (photos)

1. The History

This 1941 Ford truck was quite popular in the Bay Area, but youngsters wouldn’t remember it. However, the local old-timers all remember seeing it and even shared with the new owner, Steve McClain, copies of show programs that featured this truck. One even had an issue of Rod & Custom magazine that featured this classic, which was in July 1962.

2. The Initial Condition

Dave Simonds, Steve’s friend, found this truck at a swap meet, and he told him about it. Steve offered the owner a trade with another unfinished project; however, the condition of the truck was not nearly as nice as the story had sounded. The body of the track was covered in a faded orange paint job, the interior was unrecognizable, and every corner of the truck had rust holes in them. The bed of the truck was a wreck, along with most of the lower side of the truck. Although, the louvered hood, front fenders with the headlights indented in them, and the rear fenders were still recognizable, which were emblematic to this classic.

3. The Engine

The original custom truck had a 1956 Oldsmobile engine, but it wasn’t in it anymore when Steve bought it. Steve brought things closer to home by installing a 1992 Ford 5.0 HO engine. He then added anEdelbrock Performer manifolds, Edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor, and Moon Finned valve covers. He changed the electrical charging system, installing a 100-amp alternator, as well as an electric fan.

4. Suspension Modifications

The 1940 Ford boxed frame sits on Posies parallel leaf springs, tubular shocks, and an antiroll bar in the rear, and a TCI Mustang ll Style IFS, polished tubular A-arms, TCI coil springs and shocks in the front, with a two-inch lowered spindles and an antiroll bar. These components are what give this truck the perfect stance we are looking at.

5. Wheels and Tires Upgrades

Sadly, the original custom wheels and tires were not in a condition to continue the journey of this truck. So Steve used Wheel Vintiques chrome reverse 15×5 in the front, and Wheel Vintiques chrome reverse 15×7 in the rear. The tires wrapped around these wheels are American Classics 75 Series 225/75R15 with narrow whitewalls in the front, and the same wheels in the rear, only 165R15.

6. Interior Modifications

Steve left the original stock dashboard and gauges, just to keep the spirit of the classic Ford alive. The steering wheel is a Vintique 1940 Ford wheel, with an Ididit tilt shifter. The bench seat is a modified Ford van seat, with custom upholstery done by Bob Divine of Divine’s Custom Interiors. Finally, whether he drives this truck in the Bay Area or in Arizona, it will always feel nice, thanks to the Vintage Air he installed as its air conditioner.

7. Body Upgrades