1941 Ford Truck Takes a Turn For the Wild (photos)

1. The History

This 1941 Ford truck was quite popular in the Bay Area, but youngsters wouldn’t remember it. However, the local old-timers all remember seeing it and even shared with the new owner, Steve McClain, copies of show programs that featured this truck. One even had an issue of Rod & Custom magazine that featured this classic, which was in July 1962.

2. The Initial Condition

Dave Simonds, Steve’s friend, found this truck at a swap meet, and he told him about it. Steve offered the owner a trade with another unfinished project; however, the condition of the truck was not nearly as nice as the story had sounded. The body of the track was covered in a faded orange paint job, the interior was unrecognizable, and every corner of the truck had rust holes in them. The bed of the truck was a wreck, along with most of the lower side of the truck. Although, the louvered hood, front fenders with the headlights indented in them, and the rear fenders were still recognizable, which were emblematic to this classic.

3. The Engine

The original custom truck had a 1956 Oldsmobile engine, but it wasn’t in it anymore when Steve bought it. Steve brought things closer to home by installing a 1992 Ford 5.0 HO engine. He then added anEdelbrock Performer manifolds, Edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor, and Moon Finned valve covers. He changed the electrical charging system, installing a 100-amp alternator, as well as an electric fan.

4. Suspension Modifications

The 1940 Ford boxed frame sits on Posies parallel leaf springs, tubular shocks, and an antiroll bar in the rear, and a TCI Mustang ll Style IFS, polished tubular A-arms, TCI coil springs and shocks in the front, with a two-inch lowered spindles and an antiroll bar. These components are what give this truck the perfect stance we are looking at.

5. Wheels and Tires Upgrades

Sadly, the original custom wheels and tires were not in a condition to continue the journey of this truck. So Steve used Wheel Vintiques chrome reverse 15×5 in the front, and Wheel Vintiques chrome reverse 15×7 in the rear. The tires wrapped around these wheels are American Classics 75 Series 225/75R15 with narrow whitewalls in the front, and the same wheels in the rear, only 165R15.

6. Interior Modifications

Steve left the original stock dashboard and gauges, just to keep the spirit of the classic Ford alive. The steering wheel is a Vintique 1940 Ford wheel, with an Ididit tilt shifter. The bench seat is a modified Ford van seat, with custom upholstery done by Bob Divine of Divine’s Custom Interiors. Finally, whether he drives this truck in the Bay Area or in Arizona, it will always feel nice, thanks to the Vintage Air he installed as its air conditioner.

7. Body Upgrades