5 Awesome FTE Owned Bumpsides (67-72 F-Series)

1. JumpinJim’s 1968

JumpinJim’s Boxwood Green 1968 F-250 is one of the finest examples of a Bumpside we’ve ever seen. He’s owned the 4×4 beauty for over 40 years after making it his very first vehicle purchase back in 1976. He restored it over the course of four years, but the truck just reemerged from his garage after a 9-year lull. With a little bit of elbow grease, she’s back on the road and looking finer than ever.

2. Robmcg’s 1969 F-100

Robmcg might hail from Australia, but he’s a classic Ford truck lover through and through. His 1969 F-100 sits low thanks to hangers and a flipped rear axle, though he had to sort out some things after he purchased the truck. The bright orange beauty looks like the perfect cruiser/daily driver to us, but that doesn’t mean she won’t travel. He’s already driven it from San Francisco to Illinois, after all

3. jnelson021’s 1969 Pro Touring

jnelson021 has built what is easily one of the nicest Pro Touring Bumpsides we’ve seen recently, and it uses a beastly motor for motivation. The SOHC 427 is backed up by a C6 and 9-inch rear end.

4. Trozei’s 1969 F-100

Trozei did all the work on his impressive ’69 F-100 himself, and the results are impressive, to say the least. Even more impressive is the fact that he was the tender age of 18 when he started the process. The build is still in progress, and well worth following along with.

5. Smirks90’s 1972

We don’t have much info on Smirks90’s awesome white 1972, but we also don’t need a ton of details to know a great Bumpside when we see one. We do know that the beauty runs 36″ tires on 16″ wheels. Outside of that, it’s a total mystery. Albeit a sweet, sweet mystery.

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