The Manly Stereotypes of Owning a Ford Truck (photos)

A great Ford truck isn’t just for anyone, it is only for the manly bunch. For the sake of laughter, here are seven funny stereotypes people think go with owning a Ford truck.
1. Meat Eaters

If you’re a vegetarian, you can drive a Ram, if you’re vegan, you can drive a a Tacoma, but if you enjoy some nice, red meat, a Ford truck is for you. Whether it’s because the Ford truck can handle whatever game you shoot and throw in its bed, or if it’s because all Ford truck owners are strong, tough and beefy guys, it certainly seems true.

2. No Whining

If you own a Ford truck, you don’t whine, we choose to leave that for the snowflakes and buttercup hybrid owners. Maybe this is due to the fact that we have an escape route, and whenever the traffic gets really difficult, the idea of being able to head for the hills gives us a peace of mind, so we choose to leave the whining to owners of lesser vehicles.

3. Gas, What Gas?

If you own a Ford truck, then people have probably asked you why you chose such a gas guzzler. There are two things about owning a Ford truck: 1. Ford trucks are much better on gas than most people think, and 2. We drive trucks because we need to tow and haul, and carry the whole family, so the fuel economy is way down the priority list.

4. Towing Capacity? Challenge Accepted

Every Ford truck owner loves a good challenge, because these trucks are extremely capable. Once a Ford truck owner is asked if their truck can tow something, the answer is always yes. Hitch that boat, travel trailer, backhoe, giant redwood, whatever, up to the hitch and lets see what this bad boy can do!

5. Go Over Anything

The original Bigfoot monster truck was a Ford, and even before that they had a reputation for being unstoppable. If they can’t go over something, they’ll just crash right through it.

6. Tug of War

Ford truck owners don’t always play tug of war with other trucks, but when they do they usually win. Ford truck owners don’t like to abuse their trucks, however, if the tug of war is against a Chevy or a Dodge, make some room and take some shelter, it’s about to go down.

7. Tailgating is Life

Ford truck owners enjoy the simple things in life, like tailgating. In fact, most of them would rather have a cold beer and grilled meat in the back of their trucks than an evening at a fancy restaurant or a bar. If you’ve never spent a full day on the back of your truck out in the middle of no where, put it on your to-do list immediately. It is better than can even be described.

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