The Manly Stereotypes of Owning a Ford Truck (photos)

A great Ford truck isn’t just for anyone, it is only for the manly bunch. For the sake of laughter, here are seven funny stereotypes people think go with owning a Ford truck.
1. Meat Eaters

If you’re a vegetarian, you can drive a Ram, if you’re vegan, you can drive a a Tacoma, but if you enjoy some nice, red meat, a Ford truck is for you. Whether it’s because the Ford truck can handle whatever game you shoot and throw in its bed, or if it’s because all Ford truck owners are strong, tough and beefy guys, it certainly seems true.

2. No Whining

If you own a Ford truck, you don’t whine, we choose to leave that for the snowflakes and buttercup hybrid owners. Maybe this is due to the fact that we have an escape route, and whenever the traffic gets really difficult, the idea of being able to head for the hills gives us a peace of mind, so we choose to leave the whining to owners of lesser vehicles.

3. Gas, What Gas?

If you own a Ford truck, then people have probably asked you why you chose such a gas guzzler. There are two things about owning a Ford truck: 1. Ford trucks are much better on gas than most people think, and 2. We drive trucks because we need to tow and haul, and carry the whole family, so the fuel economy is way down the priority list.

4. Towing Capacity? Challenge Accepted

Every Ford truck owner loves a good challenge, because these trucks are extremely capable. Once a Ford truck owner is asked if their truck can tow something, the answer is always yes. Hitch that boat, travel trailer, backhoe, giant redwood, whatever, up to the hitch and lets see what this bad boy can do!

5. Go Over Anything

The original Bigfoot monster truck was a Ford, and even before that they had a reputation for being unstoppable. If they can’t go over something, they’ll just crash right through it.

6. Tug of War

Ford truck owners don’t always play tug of war with other trucks, but when they do they usually win. Ford truck owners don’t like to abuse their trucks, however, if the tug of war is against a Chevy or a Dodge, make some room and take some shelter, it’s about to go down.

7. Tailgating is Life

Ford truck owners enjoy the simple things in life, like tailgating. In fact, most of them would rather have a cold beer and grilled meat in the back of their trucks than an evening at a fancy restaurant or a bar. If you’ve never spent a full day on the back of your truck out in the middle of no where, put it on your to-do list immediately. It is better than can even be described.


When it comes to police and civilian interactions, there is a very fine line between standing up for your rights and just flat out being a moron.

If you were to try and put money on people taking things too far just to try and get out of something, well, you can pretty much cash that check and take it straight to the bank.

In this one, we take a look at some folks to don’t really seem to have a solid head on their shoulders to us but we will let you make that decision for yourself.

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In this compilation, it all starts off with a girl claiming that she doesn’t have to obey any of the laws and just escalates from there. Check out the video below and be sure to state your opinion on one side or the other of this “sovereign citizen” compilation.

In this one, we take a look at some folks to don’t really seem to have a solid head on their shoulders to us but we will let you make that decision for yourself.

We aren’t here to influence you one way or the other, but rather to present some crazy situations to you and see what you think of how exactly they were handled.

In this compilation, it all starts off with a girl claiming that she doesn’t have to obey any of the laws and just escalates from there. Check out the video below and be sure to state your opinion on one side or the other of this “sovereign citizen” compilation.

This Young Man Chose an Old Ford Truck as His First Ride

Every year a few articles come out that boldly claim the next crop of young drivers aren’t interested in car ownership. With companies like Uber and Lyft giving individuals the ability to get around without going down the traditional rabbit hole of owning a vehicle, those articles are likely to become more prevalent (and true).

But as this story of a young man and his 1978 Ford F-150 shows us, young drivers love their rides and some even go after antiques.


As Popular Mechanics reports, Ryan Bettis found a ’78 F-150 on Craigslist for the astonishing price of just $2,800. The listing, according to Bettis, was for a “Ford Truck” and only had one bad photo, which might be why the truck didn’t draw a lot of attention.

Bettis interacted with the original owner’s son, who claimed his father bought the F-150 new back in 1978, and continued to use the vehicle as a daily driver until the late ‘80s.

As one would expect, the vehicle was put to good use and handled the job of towing the family’s fishing boat and camping duties, as well.

After their numerous years of ownership, the father and son duo decided to restore the truck, but, unfortunately, the father had a stroke and plans changed. The owner’s son commissioned to get the engine rebuilt and handled some of the bodywork himself, but the truck sat collecting dust until Bettis purchased the vehicle.

The F-150 was everything Bettis was looking for, such as a 400 cubic-inch V8 engine paired to a four-speed manual transmission. The vehicle did have some problems that Bettis had to work through, including an issue with the fuel system.

Since then, the roughly 40-year-old pickup hasn’t let him down and has even stayed reliable with some minor upgrades. Bettis even had the truck painted back to its original shade of brown, which is spectacular.

Still think youngins aren’t interested in old-school trucks? Well think again!

‘Mr. Sicko’ Is a Purpose-Built Burnout Machine

The continent of Australia has an amazing sub-culture of gearheads who build extremely high performance vehicles.

This awesome video by Petrolfumes features what appears to be a 1978 Ford F-150 burnout machine from New Zealand, showing us what the folks down under are capable of building.

The Ford in the video is named Mr. Sicko, and while Americans love burnout competitions as well, ours are a little different, typically consisting of the vehicle remaining stationary while roasting the tires.

The Australian version differs, with theirs taking place on a large skid pad and calling a burnout competition something we would consider drifting, more or less.

In any case, folks in Australia and New Zealand pack as much power as they can into their vehicles, and this F-150 is a shining example of this automotive subculture.

Under the hood is a supercharged V8, which looks like something you might see in an NHRA funny car or top fuel racer. When you put all of that power to the rear wheels of a small pickup, it makes for one incredible smoke factory!

Mr. Sicko spends about a minute swinging the back-end around the tarmac, with the rear tires spewing smoke into the air. We frequently lose sight of the truck, but when it emerges from the cloud of tire smoke the rear tires have been completely blown out.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!


Funny Rules of Owning a Ford Truck (Photos)

Owning a Ford truck means you can haul almost whatever you want, tow damn near anything you need, and enjoy a lifestyle sedan owners can never experience.


1. Help Me Move

If you own a truck, your friends will undoubtedly ask you to help them move, this is just the reality of it. We are not bad people, so we will help them move; however, everyone involved has to follow the rules. The help-me-move rule involves three basic things: first, don’t ask me to lift, I am already providing the truck, find another friend to help you carry things, second, pay for my fuel, it is the least you can do for such help, and finally, feed me pizza, you don’t want me just sitting by my truck waiting; a pizza will keep me busy until you finish putting things inside your new place.


2. Fuel is More Expensive

When you have a big, beautiful truck like the Ford F-150, people always expect you to drive, simply because it is roomier than most regular cars. There is only one issue with this arrangement: trucks are not what you would call Hybrids, and the old-school rule of $5 for gas no longer works. So they either start putting some miles on their cars themselves, or start coughing up some real gas money.


3. No, You Can’t Borrow My Truck!

When you own a truck, you need to stay strong and follow this rule for your own sake. People will ask to borrow your truck to do Lord only knows with, but they expect you to just hand them the keys. Unfortunately, this is not Home Depot’s rental truck, and you shouldn’t just give your truck to anyone. You can help them if you find it in your heart, but once you start giving your truck to just anyone unsupervised, it likely won’t be the same again.


4. If it Fits in Yours, Don’t Ask to Use Mine

This is an extremely important rule for when people ask you to move things for them. Most of the time, people will call you for help when they need to move large things, but to minimize the wear and tear on your truck, as well as people taking advantage of you, you have to form a strict rule. Sometimes people will ask you to help them move things that would actually fit in theirs, but since it’s easier just to call you, not to mention they don’t want to hurt their interior, they call poor, ol’ you. The rule is, if it fits in your car, don’t ask to use my truck, even if it has sharp edges.


5. You Can’t Take My Truck Off-Roading

Never, ever lend your truck to someone that wants to take it off-roading. If someone owns a Corolla and they learn that all of their friends are going off-roading, they may just call you to see if you would lend them your truck. Off-roading is the most taxing thing on a truck, and there are thousands of ways it can be done completely wrong. Needless to say, if it’s not you that’s pulling the 4WD lever to 4LO, it shouldn’t be anyone else.


6. Always Have Straps

You will never realize how hard life used to be until you buy a truck, and all of a sudden, life will be tremendously smooth. When you drive your truck, there will be hundreds of opportunities to put things in the back and take it home, but don’t get caught without straps. Whether you see a great couch at Costco or find a sweet motorcycle with a For Sale sign on it, always be prepared to strap them down to drive them home.

7. Never Give a Compliment To a Chevy Truck

This could very well be the most important rule of owning a Ford truck. If you’ve made the right decision of buying the better truck, which is the Ford truck, then you’re part of a community that shares the same animosity toward the rival truck; which is a  Chevy truck. The debate has been going on for generations, and regardless of which one is the better truck, you can’t give a compliment to the enemy, ever.

P.S. The Ford is the better truck.


1970 Ford With a 7.3L Power Stroke Is the Best of Both Worlds

While most folks typically frown upon mismatched parts on vintage trucks, this 1970 Ford might be the exception to that rule.

Because, you see, it combines a few things that we all love. For one, it’s a great looking classic pickup in its own right!

It sits up high thanks to massive rolling stock, and most importantly, it has a killer powerplant under the gorgeous red hood.

That’s right, this old Ford has a newish beating heart. But, this isn’t your typical 5.0 swap, this one’s got a proper diesel engine — a 7.3 liter Power Stroke lifted from a 1997 Super Duty.

Everything from the computer bits to the firewall came from the donor truck. The entire setup mates up to the dash assembly from the ’97, and even the dummy lights work!

The entire thing sits on a 1979 F-250 frame with fuel lines and a gas tank from the ’97 truck. The front gas tank wouldn’t fit with the divorced transfer case, so a line was added to the stock ’70 tank in the cab to retain dual tank functionality. The front axle is a Dana 60 with 4.10:1 gears, and the rear driveshaft is actually an Excursion front driveshaft. Out back there’s a Sterling 10.25″ rear, also with 4:10 gears.

The result is one of the nicest mismatched truck builds we’ve ever seen. The quality of the work is obvious, and the components used are very much acceptable. According to the video’s description, the truck was/is for sale. The asking price is a little steep at $48,000, but if you love this thing as much as we do, who’s counting?


Chris Brown Laughs During National Anthem & Refuses To Stand, Has Unexpected Encounter After (Video)

Chris Brown, 27, was stopped from a potential physical altercation by police at a charity basketball game on the anniversary of 9/11 (video below).

The singer got into such a heated argument with someone in the stands that the cops were called in to intervene before the situation escalated any further.

The incident occurred at the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game at USC, reports TMZ.

Video footage shows Brown becoming visibly upset as he leans over the bench seats to argue with a spectator.

The music was too loud to make out exactly what words were exchanged, but USC cops can be heard saying, “ I don’t care who’s here, get it straight.”

Brown walked away twice but came back moments later each time to continue the quarrel, according to the Daily Mail.

At one point, the R&B singer was encircled by cops as he tried to explain the situation.

Brown has become the latest high-profile star to join Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest against police brutality and racial inequality in America.

Before the basketball game, Brown did not observe the anthem. Instead, Brown laughed with friends as he sat during the song’s performance.

The anthem was sung by R&B singer Tank, who asked the audience to stand “in the wake of 9/11” and in respect for those who lost their lives in the September 2011 terrorist attacks.

However, Brown applauded Tank at the end for his effort.

Brown was arrested just last week after a standoff with police officers at his Tarzana home over allegations he threatened a woman with a gun.

During the event, Brown posted videos on social media in which he denounced the police and said he was being unfairly demonized.

Over the Top Ford Super Duty Trucks – Yay or Nay?

Customizing one’s ride has always been part of the truck ownership experience. Whether it’s something as basic and subtle as tinting the windows, or something as outrageous as smoke stacks and massive suspension lifts, the idea of customization is only what the truck owner wants it to be. Because after all, it’s your own business and no one else’s what you do with your Ford and your cash.


If you spend any amount of time browsing Instagram, then you probably already know of Lewisville Auto plex. The folks from the Lone Star State have been churning out some of the hottest customized trucks in the nation, but we can’t help and wonder if some of these modded trucks have officially crossed the line?


Considering what a loaded 2017 Super Duty costs, we can’t imagine it’s a sound financial decision to throw another $30 grand on top of that. Especially when most of the mods are designed to enhance looks, and not exactly performance. Then again, who are we kidding? Some of these trucks do look pretty darn awesome.

What do you think?


WATCH: Supercharged F-150 Smokes a Turbo Viper

You would think that Dodge’s V10-powered sports car with a pair of turbochargers, and a claimed “950 horsepower” on pump gas would do better than 11.1 seconds at the quarter-mile. Well, about that…

This video isn’t only exciting, but it’s also a good bit of comedy. The owner of the Viper makes the excuse that he’s not used to launching his new transmission yet, but there is video evidence that this car has lost to a truck in the past. Despite arguing for several minutes about whether he’d take a dollar bet on the race, the Viper driver eventually agrees to race an F-150, begrudgingly.

When they line up, the Viper clearly gets a horrible start, and the big rear-wheel drive Ford, weighing at least a couple thousand pounds more gets a huge jump on him. For the entire run, the Ford manages to stay ahead of the snake, putting its 650 supercharged horsepower down smoothly and reliably.


At the finish line the Ford trips the lights with an 11.6-second run, and while that was technically about half a second slower than the Viper’s run, his lightning quick (no, not Ford Lightning.) reaction time is more than enough to make up for the Viper’s speed. Once the Viper hooks up, you can see that it moves like a damn rocket, but let’s not forget to give the F-150 a huge pat on the back. Any truck that runs mid-11s with a 5-liter gasoline V8, even with a supercharger, deserves all kinds of applause.

If that Viper ever does manage to put the power down, or “learn his transmission,” it’ll be pretty quick, but for now he’ll have to suffer the ignominy of losing to a Ford truck.

You Won’t Believe How Much This 1978 Ford F-150 Brought at Auction

Check out this 1978 Ford F-150 Custom 4×4 sidestep pickup that just sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. Given a complete A to Z restoration, this menacing F-150 pickup now sports a powerful 351 ci Windsor V8 engine, and a 3-speed automatic transmission.

Dick Cepek 35″ Extreme Country tires accompany the Pro Comp shocks, which ensure a smooth ride through mud, snow or an unavoidable city pothole. Power steering and power brakes make this a relatively civil machine around town, while a Skyjacker 6″ suspension lift provides the additional off-road performance this truck truly deserves. Not only does it look the part, but it can also perform!

The exterior gets its black-on-black shine from a clear coat formula from Matrix System Automotive Finishes. The interior features unmarred upholstery, and a well-cared-for dashboard. Another nice touch is the shiny new oak bed flooring which enhances the pickup’s appearance, and helpes it warrant such an outrageous price.

So, this bad boy went to someone’s collection for the price of $38,500 bucks, or the price of a well-equipped 2017 Ford F-150 Lariat. We don’t know about you, but while we love old-school Ford trucks, we think this one’s a bit outrageous!

What do you think??