Mom Sees Dog Throw Toddler Across Yard. She Runs Outside To Daughter. But What She Finds? CHILLS.

When looking for a family pet, the Svillcics wanted to help a dog in need. The family knew that the unwanted pet population in Australia was at an all time high. So instead of going to a backyard breeder or pet shop, Catherine went to the shelter and chose a large Doberman Pinscher named Kahn.

Catherine was a little nervous to introduce the big dog to her, then 17-month-old daughter Charlotte, but he reacted well. Soon they were enjoying each other’s company and playing together. It seemed that Kahn had really found his forever home.

Four days after they brought him into their home, Kahn and Charlotte were playing out in the yard. Catherine noticed Kahn was acting very aggressive with the toddler. He was shoving, nudging and nipping at her. Before Catherine could make it over to the pair, Kahn grabbed Charlotte by the diaper and tossed her about three feet away. Shocked, Catherine ran to her child when behind her she heard a yelp. Kahn had been bitten by a snake.

The snake he was bitten by is called a king brown and it is quite venomous. The venom from the king brown snake consists of myotoxins, or basic peptides that cause instantaneous paralysis, and when they bite, they inject more venom than the average snake.

The king brown causes more deaths than any other snake in Australia. Once bitten by the snake, the venom begins to work quickly to paralyze the victim. Paralyzation of the airway can ultimately lead to death if anti-venom is not administered.

Catherine acted quickly to bring Kahn to the emergency vet, he had a rough night but made a full recovery. He is back with his family and they have a deeper appreciation for the new family member.

It’s not surprising that Kahn is such a loyal protector. The Doberman Pinscher is known for being alert, fearless and loyal. According to the AKC, these dogs were bred in Germany to be a guard dog as well as a companion. I think we would all agree that Kahn has lived up to his heritage!

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