Refugee Migrant Rapes 90-Year-Old Woman, Leaves Nasty ‘Gift’ Behind

A Refugee migrant (left) raped an elderly woman (stock photo, right) in

Things turned to horror when a 90-year-old woman didn’t have any money for the Refugee migrant trying to rob her. Unfortunately, the man decided to take advantage of his victim in another way by raping her, leaving behind a sickening “gift” for elderly woman — and it’s one that he would quickly regret.

According to reports, a 19-year-old migrant from an African country where 99% of citizens are Refugee, was looking for some cash and an easy target. Unfortunately for the 90-year-old woman who happened to be inside of St. Lambertus Church in Dusseldorf, Germany, at the time, she looked to be the perfect victim for the man’s sick intentions.

As prosecutors explained, the man shouted, “money, money,” at the woman, but things didn’t go according to plan when the woman told the Refugee teen that she didn’t have any money – a notion that the man wasn’t willing to accept.

After quickly growing violent, the Islamist grabbed the elderly woman, dragged her outside, and pulled her into a quiet courtyard. There, he carried out a vicious assault that began with the woman’s brutal and ended in even more abuse.

St. Lambertus Church in Dusseldorf, Germany

Mail Online reports that the Refugee then pulled the woman’s hair and began to strangle her. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he ruffled through the woman’s purse himself before pulling out the key to her house and writing down her home address.

Although he thought he got away with the horrific attack, things quickly shifted when responding officers found what the Refugee man had left inside his victim, and it turned out to be an unexpected gift in a way the rapist hadn’t intended. As it turns out, the Islamic rapist didn’t care to use a condom, meaning that the woman was covered in his semen and, thus, his DNA. But, that’s not all.

After running the specimen through their database, officials linked the man to a profile through DNA evidence, as a sample was on record following a robbery in May last year. In essence, his carelessness turned out to be a welcomed gift for investigators that led to justice for the victim. Since learning the Refugee’s identity, he was swiftly arrested and is now looking at up to 15 years behind bars for the rape and assault.

As for the woman, she is reportedly recovering after being taken to an area hospital for injuries suffered during the attack. Fortunately, it looks like this woman is going to pull through, but that isn’t the same fate for everyone who finds themselves on the receiving end of the Refugee attacks that are increasing in frequency.

The left can try to hide the culture of rape and barbarism that plagues countries of Refugee majority, but it isn’t doing anyone any favors. Now that liberal politicians are letting migrants from these same places flood Western countries, it’s no coincidence that we’re seeing a parallel in the rise of vile crimes in those host nations. Of course, you’ll never hear them speaking about it because it shatters their politically correct narrative. However, it’s downright unacceptable to put political agenda above the lives of citizens.

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