Thug Rips Off Girl’s Diaper At Park, Mom Starts RUNNING As Terror Unfolds

William L. Bates Jr. (left) arrested after what he did on a playground (stock photo, right)

While at a playground with her children, a Missouri mother became rather concerned as she watched a man wander onto the playground without any kids of his own. However, things would take a terrifying turn as the thug approached the woman’s toddler, ripping off her diaper — and the horror that unfolded next sent the mother running.

It all started when a family went to Kemp Playground in Kansas City, Missouri, for an afternoon of fun. Doing as many parents do, the mother found a quiet spot to sit nearby and let her children loose on the jungle gym.

Shortly thereafter, the mother noticed something rather suspicious as she watched a man, later identified as William L. Bates Jr., 24, make his way toward the playground. Saying that the punk was “eyeballing” her children, the concerned mother kept a close eye on him, only to look on as terror unfolded right before her eyes:

The mother said Bates then walked up behind the girl and snatched her off the swing before grabbing the toddler by the hips and pulling her diaper down.

The mother said she saw Bates lift his shirt, take his pants down and begin thrusting against her daughter. [Source: KTLA]

The mother immediately took off running toward the man, tackled him to the ground, and dished out a few hard blows to his head, prompting the coward to flee. The frantic mom made her way to a nearby homeless shelter where she called the .

Fortunately, police were able to catch up with the thug and arrest him. At the time, he was found carrying marijuana and an unidentified white vile of fluid with a chemical odor, according to the arrest report.

Since then, Bates has been officially charged with first-degree attempted sodomy and attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than 12 years old. However, the thug tried to excuse his actions with 3 sick words, simply telling police, “I don’t remember.”

As he would have officers believe, Bates states that he was given a cigarette from someone near the park and doesn’t remember anything about the incident until he woke up inside a fenced in area and was arrested. Too bad for him, no one is really buying it.

Of course, is no laughing matter to the courts, meaning that he’ll be spending quite a long time in prison, and that’s where the real horror will start for Bates since his fellow convicts don’t take kindly to those who victimize children in such a way. Maybe this thug will learn what it’s like to play the victim while he’s in the big house. Let’s just hope it’s enough to ensure that he never puts his hands on a child again.

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    1. That black man is going to prison, but remember that you can use that white, because there are larger among of child abuser are white.

  1. I am sorry but I wouldn’t have gone for his head his penis would have been torn off and stomped on the ground this man would have been screaming like a girl when I got done with him there is way too much of this sick stuff going on and we as parents need to put the fear of a mother bear in them because there is no way I would have let him get away with just hitting him in the head that poor baby and poor mother shoot the jerk and hang him on the nearest tree for all pedophiles to see what will happen to them next

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