Dad Hears Blood-Curdling Screams in Parking Lot. When He Spots Him, That’s When She Utters 3 Words

“I’m pretty proud to be his son.”

Everyone who is married or has kids knows this situation well. Someone in the house needs a treat, so you put on your shoes and make that late night run to the grocery store.

Ty Zerby recently made a trip like this. He started out to pick up some candy, but in the process he saved a life.

Zerby, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, made a stop at his local Meijer. He picked up some gummy bears and other treats and was headed back to his car and then home.

That’s when he heard it. He wasn’t sure at first what he was hearing, but then the sound registered – a woman was screaming.

Zerby headed toward the direction of the screams. What he encountered was an awful sight.

As he told WOOD-TV, “It looked like the guy was punching her. I didn’t realize what was going on. It was a scary deal, just so scary, man.”

A man had bound a woman with duct tape and had thrown her into the front seat of a car. He was physically assaulting her as Zerby approached.

Without hesitation, Zerby grabbed the man and tried to pull him off of the woman. As he did, he could better understand the woman.

She wasn’t just yelling, she was trying to communicate. Listening, he quickly discovered she was screaming, “He’s stabbing me.”

Zerby worked to contain the man, and in doing so, he was hit in the face with a hammer, which damaged his teeth. The attacker got up but a determined Zerby continued fighting.

Unfortunately, the man squirmed away and took off. Zerby gave chase but the man was “fast” so Zerby went back to help the victim instead.

He helped slow the woman’s bleeding, using a makeshift tourniquet on her leg until help could arrive. Thanks to his quick thinking and brave actions, she is expected to make a full recovery.

The hero stated that she felt compelled to help the woman: “I feel like God said ‘you could help.’ And I’ve been helped, so much, man. I’ve been helped so much in my life.” What a way to pay it forward!

“I’m pretty proud to be his son,” 9-year-old Brennan Zerby said with a catch in his voice.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Surveillance footage picked up a pretty good picture of the attacker.

Five days after the attack, Victor Gonzalez, who was identified as the woman’s attacker, was running from the police. During the ensuing chase, he was shot.

His injuries were initially serious, but a few days later he appeared in court for a variety of charges related to the assault. If he’s convicted, he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail.

The actions of Ty Zerby were selfless and heroic in every sense. We may not have the opportunity to do something so broadly heroic, but what small acts can we do today that can make a difference in someone’s life?

Teen Dad Arrested After Hospital Workers Discover What He Did To 2-Week-Old Son

An Arizona father was arrested after he showed up at a hospital with his 2-week-old son who showed signs of what’s known as shaken baby syndrome.

Anthony Estrada, 19, and Savionne Schartzbauer took their infant child to Banner Desert Hospital in Tempe, Arizona, on Memorial Day, claiming their baby was “acting weird,” KTVK reported.

According to a probable cause statement, the parents were vague about their child’s injuries at first. They said the baby hit his head on a table while his diaper was being changed.

But the baby’s injuries were far more serious. He had several bruises and abrasions and was unresponsive. Medical staff intubated the baby to help him with his breathing.

The mother said she left the child in Estrada’s care for about 20 minutes so she could buy some bandages, court documents stated. When she returned, she found the baby with his eyes swollen shut.

A medical social worker told police the baby had bruises and abrasions all over his body, including his cheek, lower left arm, left upper thigh and his right hand.

Estrada told police he had lost control of his son. He later admitted to biting the child’s right hand causing it to bleed and said he felt “frustrated while carrying his son, when the child was crying,” court documents state.

Police said Estrada revealed more details in a separate interview. The teen father said he was holding the child in the air by his left hand and then lost control. He said the baby fell onto a couch, rolled and hit a board.

But doctors told officers the story about the fall was not consistent with the child’s significant brain injury.

After speaking with the doctor on May 26, the arresting officer said the baby was suffering from traumatic injuries to all four quadrants of his brain. The boy required two blood transfusions.

Estrada is now facing child abuse charges.

Sources: KTVK, ABC 15

Photo Credit: Tempe Police Department via ABC 15

This Cowboy Saw A Guy SAGGING HIS PANTS, So He Decided To Do THIS! I Can’t Stop LAUGHING!

An American cowboy and famous FB star was driving when he spotted a guy walking down the street with this pants sagging down. He felt he needed to share his opinion about it and even stopped the car to make a video about it.

He felt he needed to share his opinion about it and even stopped the car to make a video about it.

“I was driving down the street the other day when I saw a trio of young men walking along the roadside clad in what has become a sort of uniform: pants hanging below their rear end, strung up loosely by a belt or held in place by their upper appendages,” he said.

“The only covering for their private parts is whatever pair of underwear they care to rep that day.”


What do you think about this?

Mom Sees Dog Throw Toddler Across Yard. She Runs Outside To Daughter. But What She Finds? CHILLS.

When looking for a family pet, the Svillcics wanted to help a dog in need. The family knew that the unwanted pet population in Australia was at an all time high. So instead of going to a backyard breeder or pet shop, Catherine went to the shelter and chose a large Doberman Pinscher named Kahn.

Catherine was a little nervous to introduce the big dog to her, then 17-month-old daughter Charlotte, but he reacted well. Soon they were enjoying each other’s company and playing together. It seemed that Kahn had really found his forever home.

Four days after they brought him into their home, Kahn and Charlotte were playing out in the yard. Catherine noticed Kahn was acting very aggressive with the toddler. He was shoving, nudging and nipping at her. Before Catherine could make it over to the pair, Kahn grabbed Charlotte by the diaper and tossed her about three feet away. Shocked, Catherine ran to her child when behind her she heard a yelp. Kahn had been bitten by a snake.

The snake he was bitten by is called a king brown and it is quite venomous. The venom from the king brown snake consists of myotoxins, or basic peptides that cause instantaneous paralysis, and when they bite, they inject more venom than the average snake.

The king brown causes more deaths than any other snake in Australia. Once bitten by the snake, the venom begins to work quickly to paralyze the victim. Paralyzation of the airway can ultimately lead to death if anti-venom is not administered.

Catherine acted quickly to bring Kahn to the emergency vet, he had a rough night but made a full recovery. He is back with his family and they have a deeper appreciation for the new family member.

It’s not surprising that Kahn is such a loyal protector. The Doberman Pinscher is known for being alert, fearless and loyal. According to the AKC, these dogs were bred in Germany to be a guard dog as well as a companion. I think we would all agree that Kahn has lived up to his heritage!

Guy Orders Pit Bull To Attack Cops, Dog Decides To Do Something A Little Different Instead

A Florida man told his pit bull to attack police officers, though the dog ended up attacking him instead.

Riviera Beach, Florida, police officers were investigating a burglary when they spotted 26-year-old Avery Davis, who matched the suspect’s description, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Davis, who was with his dog and carrying hair care products at the time, was told by officers to lay on the ground. He complied while hugging his dog.

Davis then changed his mind and shouted at the officers.

“Y’all gonna have to kill us,” he yelled, before getting up off the ground and running away.

Davis was hit with a stun gun, causing him to fall to the ground. He then got up and began to run again. He proceed to let his dog go from the leash, point at the officers and instructed the dog to, “Kill’em boy, kill’em.”

Instead of attacking the officers, the dog bit Davis. The pit bull bit him on his buttocks and attempted to bite him in the head. Davis then ran to a nearby apartment complex to hide, according to a police report.

Davis was found hiding under an SUV. He was hospitalized before and later released into police custody, the New York Daily News reported.

Davis was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and one count resisting an officer with violence.

Sources: Palm Beach Post, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Palm Beach Post

Baby Raping Killer Could Be Publicly Hanged – Under One Condition

The government website allows citizens to submit petitions online, directly to the White House.

If the petitioner manages to collect 100,000 signatures, the White House will issue an official response.

On Oct. 5, a petitioner identified as “J.R.” submitted a petition entitled “Publicly hang Benjamin Taylor.” The petition reads as follows:

On Oct 4, 2016, it was reported that Benjamin Taylor, of Cottageville Wv, sexually assaulted a 9 month old baby girl. As of the time of this petitions creation, the baby was pronounced brain dead as a result. Prison is too good for child rapists and their ilk. I would move to say that our ‘justice system’ is even a part of the problem, in that incarceration is hardly justice when it comes to such an awful act. Maybe if these people were actually afraid of what would happen to them if/when they were caught, they’d be less likely to do such vile things? When it’s an open and shut case such as this, let us hang these creatures publicly. Let us make examples of them, and allow the American people to attend these hangings so that the accused may be ridiculed, as they should be.

Currently, the only states that allow hanging as a method of execution are Washington and New Hampshire, notes ABC News.

Since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, there have been only three death-by-hanging executions. The most recent was 23 years ago, in 1993, when Washington State hanged convicted child murderer Westley Allan Dodd.

Furthermore, West Virginia abolished the death penalty more than 50 years ago, as the Daily Mail points out. So despite the fact that J.R.’s petition had 32,000 signatures as of Oct. 7, it seems unlikely President Barack Obama will grant his wish to have a hanging in West Virginia.

The 10-month-old victim mentioned in J.R.’s petition is Emmaleigh Barringer, reports the Daily Mail. Her mother, Amanda Leigh Adkins, reportedly found Emmaleigh naked and bleeding on her basement floor at 5 a.m. Oct. 3.

According to a criminal complaint, Emmaleigh suffered extensive bleeding indicating a brutal sexual assault, and showed signs of having been shaken and struck in the face. She died later at the Charleston Area Medical Center, after being taken off life support.

When police arrived at the house in Ripley, West Virginia, they found Benjamin R. Taylor wiping the baby’s blood off his groin area, according to WSAZ. Blankets and clothes covered with blood were found nearby.

Taylor, who is not the victim’s father, originally told police he did not know how the baby was injured, and said he “blacked out” while doing laundry with the baby. He was described by relatives as a “Prince Charming” who swept the baby’s mom off her feet.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC News, White House / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

Petition Created To Publicly Hang Benjamin Taylor, Who Raped 9-Month-Old To Death

32 year old Benjamin Taylor is being held on a $2 million bail from the Southern Regional Jail in West Virginia. He has been accused of rape and assault which resulted in the death of Emmaleigh Barringer who was nine months old. Barringer was the daughter of his girlfriend at the time whom he lived with. He has offically been charged in court.

His girlfriend has three older children who were not harmed in any way by Taylor. The crime happend on October 3rd when Amanda Adkins woke up around 4:00 A.M.. She found her baby was not in her crib and she began to frantically look for her baby. Adkins found Emmaleigh naked, battered, and bleeding terribly in the basement of their home close to Ripley, West Virginia. The baby was unresponsive.

Adkins called the ambulance but when they came Emmaleigh was not breathy and they were unable to get her breathing again. They placed her on a ventilator they had but she was quickly pronounced dead on the scene. Police characterized the incident as the worst sexual assault they had ever seen. Emmaleigh suffered severe head trauma and massive blood loss from the sexual assault.

Taylor was arrested and sent to jail within hours of finding out about the assault. After Emmaleigh was taken off life support the charges were upgraded to murder. Taylor’s social media has been scrutinized since the incident. His facebook page biography says, “dead inside” and that he works as a laborer.

Hate posts have filled the page since Emmaleigh’s death. Some who post knew him while others did not. Over three hundred different people have posted on Taylor’s Facebook page. Some have called for a public hanging of him. A petition was sent to Congress that asked for his public lynching and it has received two thousands signatures already.

All of the facts of this case seem to be reminiscent of the same sexual assault that was depicted in “A Time To Kill”. There truly are some people that she be locked up and have the key thrown away for good. This is definitely one of those cases.

Watch Tulsa Police Run Over, Kill Wanted Suspect(VIDEO)

We reported on the deadly force incident in Tulsa (OK) earlier in the week and now dashcam video has been released in the deadly confrontation between Tulsa Police and Most Wanted suspect Madison Dickson.

The Tulsa Police Department released several dashcam videos recorded during the incident on Saturday, March 18th, involving Dickson.

Dickson jumped out of a truck in the 9000 block of South Harvard and took off running. An officer ran down Dickson after she pointed a gun at officers.

In the video Dickson gets out of the truck and starts running down a sidewalk, pointing a handgun at officers as she goes. Some of the officers exit their patrol cars and fire at her, while one officer drives up close to her.


The officers directly involved in the incident are on routine leave with pay while the investigation is completed.

Baby Found in Dump, after Animals Eat Her Nose. After Adoption, Surgeon Gives Free Transformation

“I believe that love matters most so I try to spread more love.” The statement comes from Kristen Williams, a teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has a heart for adoption the size of India.

Williams has adopted two little girls from India who have endured trauma that no human should have to face. Under their mother’s loving, faithful care, both girls are blossoming into confident young women with bright futures ahead.

Williams has never married, but she refused to accept the notion that a single parent should not adopt. She forged ahead, applying for grants, fundraising, and completing tedious paperwork to bring her first daughter home.

Williams was heartbroken as she scrolled down through photo after photo of children in India who needed a home. She found herself fixated on a particular 5-year-old girl named Munni, feeling her heart fill with compassion for the child.

If you think about us, Munni Bird could really use your prayers. Now that we are in the final countdown to departure, the nightmares have started again. They are always the same – that I leave her behind in India and someone hurts her 😢. The road to recovery from trauma and abandonment is a long and twisted one. When I think we’ve made a million steps forward, I hear the fear in her sobs as she describes her nightmares to me and the reality that those wounds are deeply imbedded in the core of her being is painfully clear. I am eternally grateful that I get to be her mom and the one who walks beside her through this journey towards healing and wholeness. But in the name of transparency, there are times when I am filled with so much rage at everything she experienced, that I wish I could make someone pay for it all. I would give my life to protect her. I would take everything that happened to her a thousand times over if it meant freedom for her. And I feel like a crazy person because I can never undo what’s already been done. I can never go back and be there to protect her. That’s what a mom is supposed to do and if I could have been there, I PROMISE you, none of it ever would have happened. So we are left with all of the brokenness scattered into a million little pieces. Day by day, we work towards mending her heart. We pray for healing and give praise at breakthroughs. We thank Jesus for the redemption and restoration he brings. But we also cry and mourn because there are times we feel desperate, defeated, and in despair. This is hard 😢 . . #munnibird #trauma #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #adoptiontrauma #olderchildadoption

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“I suddenly felt this pull for this little girl. Her name was Munni and she was just 5 years old at the time,” Williams said. “I don’t know what it was but we connected. I just knew she was my daughter, I felt we had to be together and I got the ball rolling.”

Williams brought Munni home to the United States in 2013, celebrating God’s faithfulness in uniting their family. Munni was shy and reserved, with prominent physical scars on her head and emotional scars written on her heart.

Later that year, Williams saw a photo of another little girl from India, a baby who had literally been tossed in the trash. Indian police found the baby clinging to life, her nose eaten away, likely by insects or stray dogs.

Interview with Roopa thanks to Chick-Fil-A: 1. what 3 things would you bring with you if you were stranded on an island? ~ basketball hoop, my tricycle, and a ⚽️ 2. If you could do something really nice for a friend, what would you do? ~ um, give them a hug! 3. If you were allowed to stay up all night long, what would you do? ~ play basketball! 4. If you were president for 1 week, what would you do? ~ swim! 5. If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it? ~ Rosie! 6. If you had to pick one outfit to wear every day, what would it be? ~ my Lion guard shirt, my jeans, and my nikes! 7. If you could teach your pet any trick, what would it be? ~ to stand up and play basketball! You heard it here first! 😂🙌🏽❤️ . . . #roopafullofjoy #roopasworld #alldayeveryday #nonstopcomedy #makingmemories #family #lovemakesafamily #spreadmorelove #lovemattersmost #chickfila #indiaadoption #mygirls #tomboysrock #basketball

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Nobody would adopt the baby, Roopa, because of her facial deformity. But Williams instantly knew that this little girl was meant to be in her family, too.

“I knew at first sight that she was perfect for my family and decided to adopt her as my daughter,” Williams told Times Of India. “Like all children, she deserves a family she can call her own. For me, she has no deformity.”

When popular television show The Doctors heard this family’s incredible adoption story, they knew they had to help. The Doctors paired each girl with highly-skilled, compassionate surgeons to bring a little physical healing to their bodies and souls.

The powerful video reveals what the sisters look like now, with Munni’s scars visibly reduced and Roopa’s new prosthetic nose. Williams told her girls that their physical transformation is another step to leaving their pasts behind and focusing on their promising futures.

Currently, the Williams family is preparing to add a third sister to the mix, as they travel to India to adopt a little girl named Mohini, and bring her to her forever home.

Teacher Keeps Telling Mom to Cut Autistic Son’s Hair. But When He Does THIS, She’s Left FUMING

When you send your child to school, you assume they will be protected. You would never expect them to come home with an alteration to their appearance. You wouldn’t expect a teacher to make a big change in a child’s appearance to match his own personal preferences.

This is what Miriam Brandon of Owotta, Canada, experienced when a teacher overstepped her parental authority. Miriam received several calls from her son Dominic’s teacher requesting that she cut his hair.

Dominic is seven years old and is in the special needs class at Regina public school. He requires the help of a special needs teacher because he has autism.

Over the phone, the teacher claimed that Dominic’s shoulder-length hair was too long and getting into his eyes. Miriam didn’t agree with the teacher who also took issue with Dominic putting his hair in his mouth during class.

Dominic’s hair was very important to him and he was growing it out; he even made the request for his mom to never cut his hair. Miriam said, “I didn’t think it’s hurting anyone for him to grow his hair out.”

The teacher’s next phone call left Miriam stunned and angry. Despite the fact that she told him several times she didn’t want her son’s hair cut, he had wielded a pair of scissors and cut the sides and front of Dominic’s hair.

Miriam is angry not only because the teacher did not have her consent, but she had explicitly said during numerous phone calls that she didn’t want to have her child’s hair cut.

“He’s a teacher, not a hairdresser,” she said. “And we didn’t give any consent or anything.”

After the appalling phone call Miriam quickly contacted the school and complained about the teacher’s actions. “For a teacher to grab scissors and cut a child’s hair that takes away my son’s voice and it takes away my voice as a parent,” she said.

The school board has taken action to put the teacher on “home assignment” while they investigate further. The school board put out a written statement.

“We extend our apologies to the student and his family. The district continues to work with the family to ensure the best learning environment for the student,” the statement read.

Miriam was not only upset that the teacher had cut Dominic’s hair. The fact that other teachers stood by while the rights of her child were trampled on was just as upsetting.

She will be withdrawing Dominic from Regina Public School once the kids go on break.

What would you do in this frustrating situation? Many moms have already spoken out against this teacher’s actions. You can join the conversation by clicking the social media buttons below.