Cop Gets Last Laugh After Black Cashier Uses Her Skin Color To Refuse Service

St. Cloud Police Officer inside Walmart (left), Walmart on 13th Street in St. Cloud, Florida (right)

A uniformed police officer went to pick up a few items at a Walmart in St. Cloud, Florida but was shocked with the treatment he received. The African-American cashier refused to ring up his purchases, pointing to her skin, while a nearby cashier made matters worse by laughing at the policeman’s plight. Now, those two idiot cashiers are learning a hard lesson as the police officer is having the last laugh.

According to the St. Cloud Police Department, they filed a formal complaint with the Walmart on 13th Street after an African-American cashier refused to ring up an officer’s purchases. Pointing to her skin and walking away, another cashier picked up on her drama and started laughing.

The story was first reported by Central Florida news outlet WFTV, which got confirmation from Walmart. Pissed off residents in St. Cloud took to Facebook to complain that Walmart made no comment immediately following the incident.

WFTV reporter Field Sutton contacted Walmart’s corporate office for comment on the incident, but was told, “This is an unfortunate situation, but we cannot comment on an active HR investigation.” It seemed that Walmart was weighing its response, and that caused an uproar from law enforcement supporters, tired of the culture that placates these Black Lives Matter nutjobs who are sadly mistaken about just about everything.

Walmart got the message and formally responded to the St. Cloud Police Department, asking for a meeting. The St. Cloud Police Department’s website referred the community to this statement:

Walmart released a statement saying, “We take these things seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our stores.

“We value the relationships we have with law enforcement agencies throughout the country and we’ve met with the St. Cloud Police Department to address their concerns.  We want everyone to be treated with respect whether they are in our stores or anywhere in the community. The cashier who was involved in this situation no longer works in our store.”

I bet the cashier was incensed when Walmart fired her self-righteous ass. At least it gives her more time to do her Black Lives Matter rioting, and we’re sure she sees herself as the victim in this situation. This is another incident which proves Barack Obama’s cop-hating attitude has worked its way down deep into this country, and it is affecting cops almost daily, even in the most mundane tasks.

St. Cloud Police Chief Pete Gauntlett, St. Cloud Walmart manager Doris Riofrio, Helen Schmal & Ron Giehl.

Hillary Clinton has made a point to side with these losers, disrespecting cops in hopes of racking up African-American votes. Anyone of any color who sides with these brainwashed Black Lives Matter types better be ready for the silent majority, who is now saying enough is enough.

Cops put their lives on the line daily, protecting us from the bad guys, and Black Lives Matter is just a bunch of losers who attract idiots, like this fired cashier, to their alleged “cause.”

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35 thoughts on “Cop Gets Last Laugh After Black Cashier Uses Her Skin Color To Refuse Service”

  1. I am more disgusted every day, they seem to think we owe them every thing, sorry bastards, I am Irish and we were treated worse but no one that I know of has said this country owes us any thing, can’t even understand most when speaking, and get incensed when say so

    1. Bea Goode: I am a Scot and my forebears were also sent to plantations. My forebears and yours
      came through with our heads high and emerged triumphant. We have never cried or whined. We are made of sterner stuff.

    2. Bea, I feel the same way. What a circus this is becoming. Liberals have lost their minds. Yet they are ok with calling 911 when they need help.

    3. I have often wondered that also, why you don’t hear a peep about it, even though I’m not Irish I know that at one time there were many times more Irish slaves in this country than Africans. Whole villages were rounded up and shipped out.

  2. There will be a day she may just need the safety of a cop, and realize ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! All lives matter, all colors, all animals, but pay attention……our WATER Matters too! Without clean water we all suffer! I am sorry for the cop she laughed at, the other clerk should have been fired too ! Maybe both of them should live the life of a cop, go And endure what they must : family fights, hit and runs, abused children….Ect, let those two girls have several days of a cops life!

      1. You are so right! If that same situation was reversed and it were a white person that treated a black person that way…….the mainstream media, Hollywood, Big mouth Sharpton, and the Socialist Democrats would have screamed “racist” and Walmart would have been on hand and knees begging their forgiveness!

    1. My punishment will be swift …..never to set into one of their stores ever again …costco would never let this happen …

    2. NO sir, there is a chain of command and there needed to be an investigation done so that the lovely snowflake could not have any claim of wrongdoing on the company to win an award for wrongful termination through workers compensation law. I am glad that she was terminated but would have liked to see Walmart step up in a little more of a meaningful way like a donation to the Fallen officer’s fund or something like that in the Snowflakes name with Walmart just so she knows that her name would be associated with helping officers families for a long time publicly as to rubbing a bit of salt into the wound of her firing as well

      1. the people at the top really don’t care about police officers and so it would be a great thing if when they called about shoplifters they were told to handle it themselves!!!and see how they like that!!!!

    3. THEY SAID SHE IS NO LONGER IN OUR STORE, WHAT DID THEY DO TRANSFER HER TO ANOTHER STORE? I would feel better had they said no longer employed with this company……..



    4. Those smart ass cashier should have been showed the door at that moment hope they don’t get a good references put their pictures on here and let the hole town know who they are is how long it takes to get a job

      1. As well as the other cashier, both should have immediately been walked out the door and their aprons taken and burned.

  3. the black cashier should have been arrested immediately for not complying to a lawful order of cashing the officers merchandise out .

  4. Walmart said that “The cashier who was involved in this situation no longer works in our store.” Did they transfer her to another store?

  5. The most sensible thing…hit these businesses where it hurts them most…their pocketbook. Everyone who supports Law Enforcement should boycott these businesses, even for a week. Maybe the CEOS/managers will get the message and demand sensitivity training. Police protect their businesses and employees alike. If there is anymore incidents like this, boycott completely and indefinitely.

  6. I think police officers all over the USA should go on strike for 3 days, see how many of these people would be begging them to come back (JUST SAYING)

  7. I just want to add that the photo of Walmart to the right of the cop is a stock photo. I live in Saint Cloud. Looks nothing at all like that picture. St. Cloud Police Officer inside Walmart (left), Walmart on 13th Street in St. Cloud, Florida (right)

  8. I am jewish we were killed in the holicost by the thousands and blacks think they had it bad at least they got to live and were freed and now think they are the only race that matters well i hate to tell you but your the reason people are becomming more and more racist and that makes yall the better race HOW?

  9. The cop should sue the two casiers. Police are citizens, they are people, and they deserve restitution

  10. Walmart did the right thing. They probably had to check it out to be careful that this “lady” cashier didn’t sue them for wrongful termination under EEOC. They fired her. End of story. Her vitrial, misplaced anger just cost her a good job, benefits, her privacy and the respect of a Nation.

  11. I am not an American,that doesn’t mean i don’t watch the news or listen to debates or even watch documentaries. If I felt under appreciated in my field of work my zest to do my job correctly and efficiently will be seriously affected.Don’t be surprised if reaction times get affected as colour of the skin is not visual on an emergency call therefore it will be free from any ISM tag. Everyone is even more so at risk.

  12. This is exactly what the radical left teaches and supports to our kids in public schools and in colleges across the nation without oversight or condemnation.
    A war against the good patriotic people of America ,including law enforcement and the military, has been declared by Barrack Obama and the Democratic Communist party. Black Lives Matter is a George Soros funded Terrorist group who has assassinated several police officers and declared war on the United States and its Constitution and backed by Obama and the Democrats.
    Those officers were not only discriminated on but were never supported by Walmart and I am calling for a permanent nation wide boycott on Walmart effective today!!!!

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