White Girl Is Burned Alive, 17 Black Gang Members Arrested Yet Media Refuses To Report Story

There is no doubt that the mainstream media has all but instituted a “blackout” on crimes committed by black thugs, and it’s almost epidemic across all forms of media coverage, and if an incident does make it to the evening news or within a newspaper, look for it to be buried in the newspaper or perhaps “aired” once with minimum time devoted to the story.

Even a horrific incident of a 19-year old girl being burned “alive” doesn’t raise much outrage within the mainstream media if the murdered girl happens to be white and her assailants black.

The FBI has rounded up 17 black gang members in connection with the murder of Jessica Chambers in Mississippi.

She was a white 19-year-old girl who had disappeared from a gas station while she was filling up her car with gas; her body was found burning just a few miles from the station.

The thugs doused her with gasoline and then burned her alive.

The stunning facts are that these types of crimes are happening with more frequency and are seldom reported by the mainstream media, it’s the same mindset that is putting Americans at risk when those in charge refuse to identify those that commit acts of terror, because of political correctness.

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs.

These men are violent murderers who deserve to pay for their crime. And this crime went virtually unreported by media.



h/t: Right Wing News

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44 thoughts on “White Girl Is Burned Alive, 17 Black Gang Members Arrested Yet Media Refuses To Report Story”

  1. To identify evil one must know where to look and who to look for. If it isn’t an investigation will take forever.a hunter knows where to go to find a given animal, the same applies to criminals and whether it’s racist or profiling, it costs the tax payer volumes over what it should…

    1. These criminals and devil monsters have to be killed by fire slowly. They have to suffer much more than an angel that was just 19 years old and has done nothing against them.
      Please make JUSTICE !!

  2. Well, what if the shoe was on the other foot? I would be willing to bet there would be riots and vandalizing. I call the perpetrators white racists and the media enablers.

    1. I agree, I don’t want to pay for their imprisonment. But I really don’t want to hear about another white girl or boy being burned alive. So what other choice do we have so…..

  3. I think everyone of these thugs should be burned alive. But it should be done in slow painful manner. There is nothing that young lady could have said or done to deserve such a painful death.

  4. This is the reason we need to eliminate liberals from our society. These asshole celebrate criminals, illegals. Communists, Islamic terrorists at the expense of the American people. And their partners in this crime the media. We need to rise up and destroy them with the vote in 2018. Remember this story and speak for the victims the media won’t.

    1. You’ve got that right my man, eliminate liberal agenda. problem is college students are being brain- washed in our universities, to believe liberal agenda is correct. We need to teach our kids to think for themselves and vet the teachers in our schools and demand they stop teaching their opinions to our children and make them get back to teaching the basics we send our kids to learn in the first place.

  5. Do you suppose these murderers thought they were something great by killing a young defenseless white girl? Maybe this as just the beginning of killing all white people! They holler racism on the white person but it is mostly the angry black person who is the heinous perpetrator.

  6. Hanging should be an accepted punishment for these murderers. But when will these beautiful white girls learn that becoming involved with black men too often leads to abuse and even death? These days, even having a black male ” friend” can make you a target for other blacks.

  7. It would be fitting if all 17 punk thugs were to be burned alive themselves. They deserve not a second thought as they are nothing but pure evil. Scum like that does not change. They are missing something inside.
    As for the media, we have no more news media in America. We have biased, censoring, money controlled, propagandists. They no longer inform, they brainwash. Our media has become no different than the Chinese, the Russians, Syrians, etc. Ours is controlled by the Socialist Democrat Party.

    1. I agree 100 percent David Stumpo . They are as low life as those rag head slimy good for nothing muslums . Get rid of the lot of them , problem solved .

  8. Why are these crimes not being reported in your daily news, this amazes me. And if there’s no action being taken by the police I’m surprised that you haven’t got vigilantes doing the job instead.

  9. ok, fact your in Mississippi, right? Get everyone of these POS blacks and line them up against a white wall and have target practice…no lethal shots though, just arms, legs, feet and when your done tie them all up in bunch put lighter fluid on them and strike a match…End of the problem. That is what is wrong with us today. These subhuman mammals think its funny and our media is so blinded by the crybaby demons that these thugs think they have the right to do whatever…BS….. you know they did it, so there is no chance of the wrong person..And if they say but only five of the seventeen lite the fire, TO DANG BAD…THEY STOOD BY AND WATCHED IT SO THEY ARE AS GUILTY AS THE ONES THAT LITE HER ON FIRE IN MY BOOK. no more of this pansy ars laws and justice not being carried out…

  10. Torture the shit out of the thugs Give them a slow and painful death They are animals who should not be allowed to live Extinguish their gene pool

  11. Because they came from a broken home, did drugs at one time, and a dozen or so other excused they might get one to three with two off for being good. And maybe 10 to 12 for time served before trial.

  12. Something isn’t right with this story. Has any of these men admitted to this crime? Why so many arrested? It sure doesn’t take 22 strong young men to harm this young girl, this said it happened down the road, what does that mean? This is terrible for her and these young men. I need more info before I can make up my mine. I remember back in the early 90’s in N.Y.C a girl was Raped and brutally assaulted in Central Park. The cops rounded up 5 black and brown young kids and got them, by beating them to make statements admitting to this crime. But they immeditily said they didn’t do it but it was to late. They had them on tape saying they did it. They all went to prison and 7 years later with the help of DNA they appealed there sentence and they were found innocent . Then another young man who was in prison admitted to the crime and his DNA matched and he was convicted but DONALD Trump STILL said these other men should still be in prison because they admitted to this crime. So I like to wait for all the evidence to come out and then I’ll make up my mine.

  13. This is obviously a textbook case of gang violence. I am of the opinion that if a gang, or gang members, commits a crime, the entire gang should be held accountable. Maybe the law can’t prove which person actually lit the match. So what? The gang, or gangs, did this as an entity. They should be charged and tried AS AN ENTITY! No exceptions. No excuses. No alibis. Every member is responsible. Any who believe this to be unfair should ponder this fact…How fair was it that 17 men attacked a teen-aged girl, took her to some remote location and set her afire? If the Black Gangster Disciples did this, then ALL of the Disciples did this. The ACLU and NAACP be damned. If you are in a gang, and you know they could commit any type of crime, you have the option of getting out. Yes, you do. If you chose to remain a part of that gang, and they do something like this, then you, too, are just as responsible as the others. Even if you were not present, “your gang” did the crime, so all members should do the time. This is really not a racial rant. It is about gangs, and what might be done to discourage people from joining them. As for the media not covering it, I won’t even dignify that with a response. They know. We all know.

  14. Just another biased whiner who posts an article out of rage without knowing the full story. And to no surprise, all your clueless followers crying their white tears decide to share their two cents and turn this into a “BLACKS want to KILL WHITE PEOPLE” blah blah blah.

    First of all, google Jessica Chambers murder and you’ll get the REAL story of what actually happened. But because you and your readers are too lazy, I’ll recite it for you.

    Jessica Chambers was burned to death by ONE man – Quinton Tellis. He solely acted on his own when he killed her, there was no other perpetrators involved. The reason why the media did not report the arrest of 17 black gang members, was for the exact reason of looking like a misinformed FOOL like you do right now. The 17 gang members that were arrested had no connection to the murder, but were probably linked to other charges and assaults. The police probably wanted to question these men and see if they knew anything, but other charges on each individual came up instead.

    Do your actual research before posting this biased nonsense which will now turn into another race war. it is TERRIBLE what happened to this young woman and may she rest in peace. I absolutely agree that the killer, Tellis, be punished to the highest degree, but don’t make this is a RACE issue. The issue on hand here is male violence against women. Period.

    1. I tried on another post about this explaining this was fake news & I got slammed .. Called a “n” lover blah blah blah …. Ignorance is bliss

  15. This was thoroughly reported in all major news outlets when it happened in 2014. One suspect was charged. He was a member of a gang, and the boyfriend of the victim. Other gang members were not charged because the motive was believed to be personal: romantic jealousy.

  16. Quinton Verdell Tellis is the man who killed this girl in 2014. He was convicted. Her car was set on fire with her in it. She died in a hospital hours after she was rescued. There was not a gang of guys that did this. Google on her name to check the facts

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