VIDEO: Jerk Bully Starts Fight, But Someone Else Stepped in to Finish It

Too often, bullies are able to pick on their victims in the schoolyard with impunity. Those who’ve been through it know how it feels.

However, when the victim becomes the victor, that’s a time for everyone to celebrate.

And that’s exactly what happened here, with this viral video of yet another high-school parking lot fight that didn’t go the way a larger, more-muscular bully intended it to go.

The video begins in medias res, as the dreadlocked bully had already discarded his shirt and shifted into a boxing stance. His opponent, demonstrably smaller, demonstrably paler and dressed in a blue t-shirt and jeans, seemed better equipped for computer science class than a fight in the parking lot.

And, of course, there were ubiquitous teenagers gathering around the fight like in “Street Fighter II,” cheering them on as if this were a good thing.

That’s when things began to turn around. The bullied kid went with a UFC-style takedown that the bully wasn’t prepared for. After a bit of grappling, the kid who was being bullied suddenly unleashes a torrent of vicious right-hand blows, knocking the bully’s head against the pavement over and over again.

As the horribly pounded bully was told to “get the f*** up!” (yeah, in case you hadn’t somehow guessed already, this video is not safe for environments where you’re in a cubicle and being paid to be there), the bullied kid gloats a bit and then deals him another blow that sends him straight to the canvas (or tarmac) again.

Again: NSFW (H/T Mad World News).

Let’s again remind everyone that we don’t endorse beating people up like this. However, this is the way bullies are cured.

If they’re not dealt with early like this jerk, they become adult bullies. Or — even worse — Democrats.

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16 thoughts on “VIDEO: Jerk Bully Starts Fight, But Someone Else Stepped in to Finish It”

  1. It sure does my heart good to see that finally this whole thing took a turn in favor of the underdog. That sure doesn’t happen to often, but it is a blessing to know it can and did happen. May God Bless that young man and may many others have learned a lesson from this. The comment about the Democrats is so on target. They are sore losers and will never give in, for the sake of this country. God Bless Trump and all of us that stand up for the good of our beloved USA. We will prevail because the Lord is on our side.

    1. You are soooooooo correct in your comment Caroline Park. President Trump Will prevail and do All the Good he promised on the campaign trail. God Bless Our President Trump, Make America Great Again!

    2. just like in the movie ” BAD ASS ” with Danny Treho…..
      it,s time WE all stand up against the Tyrannys that have been ignored by the Demotazi,s

    3. They’re not supposed to “give in.” Don’t you know anything about how this country runs and the roles of parties, even third parties? Trump and his minions, in other words, you, don’t represent even 40% of the U.S. citizenry and their wishes. (For the math, look at the totals of people who voted, and then the percentage of those who voted FOR Trump).
      If parties on the other spectrum and out of power are supposed to “give in” then why the hell did Republicans obstruct and block everything that the Democrats in Congress and the Democrat President proposed and tried to enact??? Oh, I get it. What’s good for the goose, isn’t good for the gander?
      And hun, the Lord, or any other deity, is NOT on your side.
      I think any self-respecting deity could pick a better champion than a lying, cheating, egomaniacal, adulterous, vain, greedy specimen like Donald Trump. You’d probably better think twice if you think this guy is a selling point and poster boy for Christianity too.

  2. Kids have to sometimes step it up to defend, protect others or stop a injustice from occurring. This is a learning process. I believe if the libtards who protested Trump as not my president were forced into a real life crisis, they would be potential victims. The real problem with the libtard mentality is they can’t grasp the concept of losing and have to lash out like a spoiled child. They can’t developed a rational response to justify their position in a argument defending their beliefs. The labeling of a person as racist seems to be the automatic response. Feel sorry for those that couldn’t get their way.

    1. What does this have to do with this schoolyard fight?
      You’re criticizing “the libtard mentality” when it has absolutely zero to do with this incident, unless of course you consider the obviously racist jerk among you commenting above.
      I guess even as a third party voter I fit into the “libtard” label, and if so, I wear it with pride and distinction. What is “the concept of losing?” Is it something that “contards” didn’t grasp for 8 years as you whined, moaned, made stupid comparisons of the first family to hominids, and obstructed legislation in Congress? Spoiled children, indeed. And what argument are you referencing when you say “They can’t developed a rational response to justify their position in a argument defending their beliefs?” Who is “they?” Your little brother, one person you debated online, from something you read on Breitbart? Sorry to say, there are racists among us, and while you no doubt find the label over-applied, it seems those who fit the label are far more willing to reveal their true selves in recent times as well. 8 years later, it’s time for some to feel the heat they dealt now, and I’m not feeling sorry for them.

  3. Mounted him like a pro and kept those knees up under his arms! That white boy was never the underdog. Everybody just underestimated him.

  4. Be very careful who you pick on bully boys and girls.
    They might just blow your head off or knock your front four teeth out forever!! you just never know who won’t take it even one more time!!

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