Man Who Cut Little Girls’ Throats And Smashed Their Heads In Gets Executed; His Final Word Was….

A man was executed in on Jan. 18 in Virginia for the murder of two young girls and their parents.

Ricky Gray, 39, was pronounced dead at 9:42 p.m. after receiving a lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia, reports the Daily Mail.

As he walked into the execution chamber and asked if he he had any final words, he responded, “Nope.”

Gray was sentenced to death for the murder of 9-year-old Stella Harvey and her 4-year-old sister, Ruby, and was also convicted of killing their parents, Bryan and Kathryn Harvey. Bryan was in a rock band called House of Freaks, while Kathryn was co-owner of a toy store in Richmond, Virginia, the World of Mirth.

The family was preparing for a New Year’s Day party when Gray and his nephew, Ray Dandridge, entered their home and attacked them during a robbery. The two children and their parents were tied up in the basement, and Gray cut their throats and smashed their heads with a hammer, then set the house on fire. A computer, a wedding ring and some cookies were the only items stolen.

Gray was executed by lethal injection, which appeared to take longer than usual. This raised some concerns about the drugs used in the process.

He is the first prisoner in Virginia to be executed using the controversial three-drug cocktail of midazolam, rocuronium bromide and potassium chloride. The lethal injection plan had been challenged by Gray’s attorneys, who claimed that even a firing squad would be more humane.

Critics of the drugs used in Gray’s execution note that midazolam has been problematic in executions in other states, claiming it causes a painful death because it cannot reliably render the person unconscious. The fact that it was obtained from a compounding pharmacy rather than a manufacturer increases the risk of complications, his attorneys added.

Gray’s attorneys requested the U.S. Supreme Court delay the execution, but the request was denied on the evening of the execution.

One of Gray’s lawyers, Elizabeth Peiffer, said her client had been “trying to make amends and make life better for others.” In a statement issued by his lawyers prior to his execution, Gray said: “I’ve stolen Christmas, birthdays and Easters, Thanksgivings, graduations and weddings, children. There’s nothing I can do to make up for that … I’m sorry they had to be a victim of my despair.”

According to a Pew Research poll published in September 2016 poll, less than one-half of Americans said they support the death penalty, reports The New York Times.

Sources: Daily Mail, The New York Times / Photo credit: Biggishben/Wikimedia Commons

146 thoughts on “Man Who Cut Little Girls’ Throats And Smashed Their Heads In Gets Executed; His Final Word Was….”

    1. Personally, I feel they should bring back public hangings for murderers and child rapists! I bet things might start to change after that!!

      1. Hanging is actually, in most cases, quite humane. If done properly, the neck is broken immediately and then death. Very quick so I read. A botched lethal injection is much more of a slow death and painful death. When Death by lethal injection is given, which when done properly, the inmate is given a strong tranquilizer to calm him, then, when on the gurney, the first injection is no more then being equivalent to anesthesia and the inmate is in a temporary coma-like state until the final lethal part of the cocktail is released (no suffering and done very humanely). I wonder if he went to those lengths to soothe the fears of that family before slitting the throats and murdering his victims.

        1. Can you imagine the agony of the last two of the family, seeing what happened to their loved ones??
          Just awful! So glad he is gone.

      2. 《<>》 I agree 100% !!! This poor family… so extremely sickening what one twisted human being could be capable of..
        From Northern California, USA

      3. EVERY murderer SHOULD BE put to death SLOWLY as a montage of photos are played on a screen in front of them of the family/person they murdered!

    2. Only a narcistic monster!! I feel no sympathy with the idea that his death may have been uncomfortable or painful… Why must we consider their feelings when they show no mercy, compassion or empathy for the innocent victims!?

    1. I would have brought back the old medieval method of drawing and quartering! Everyone whines about a painless execution for a murderer but no one wants to talk about the PAINFUL execution that the murderer did to an innocent person(s)!

      Bring back public executions…painful public executions! Let the crowd see and hear the screams of the murderer whom did this same thing to a child!

    2. Exactly! I’m a Texan. I wish they’d go back to the days of hangings in front of the court house. No muss or fuss. And imagine the money we’d save on housing, food, and medication for these criminals?

      1. Death (however slow or painful) is too quick a release for those vermin. Their victims (those who survive) and their families will relive the pain for the rest of THEIR lives. I would give them hard labour life with NO parole. No free cable or porn. No lavish meals. Bread and Water. Anything else they’d have to work twice as hard to earn. You have toothaches? Too bad. Here is a piece of string. Yank your own tooth out or ask a gangmember to knock your tooth out.

    3. It could never be painful enough for someone like this. I could torture this person and not feel guilty. He certainly didn’t think about the pain the family felt. He shouldn’t be treated any better. Slash his throat, bash his head with a rock and leave him. If he is dead tomorrow when you come to check, take him to an incinerator. If he is not dead yet, leave and come back the next day. If savages knew they would die the same horrible death of the murder victims maybe they would think twice. I fully support the death penalty.

      1. I believe, all murders should be given the same death as they handed out, give them what they gave! I dont care, if it is painful,i dont care if they suffer, I dont care if their sorry,I just dont care! My Grandmother was murdered, did they care how she suffered? Did they care how we her family suffered over this loss? Of course not! They dident care so why should I?I do believe in the death penalty…..and yes,an eye for an eye.

    4. Why is it everyone worries about whether or not the convict suffers during his execuition ? I sure as hell don’t !! Where were all the bleeding hearts when the victims were being slaughtered ??

    5. It should have painful for hours on end.I think ha throat should have been slashed,then bash his head n with a hammer.Lethal injection shows to much mercy.You CSHOULD be put to death the same way you kill…

    6. Why should he be executed painlessly, How painful was it for the victims??? He deserved what he got. Personally he should have been executed the same way he killed his victims…

    7. I think they should give them just enough to make them sicker the dogs. let be that way for maybe a week or 2 tthen go in and let them wonder if today is there day. if he could do that stuff to a fam, I say let him and all his kind take notes. that just because he is going to die look how long the kids will be dead. I don’t feel sorry for him at all or anyone that could do such a thing then have some jackass say oooo it took to long. I think they should suffer greatly. then do the deed,

      1. I so agree with you! What jerks his lawyer s were.
        He go tmore mercy shown to him than that family was shown!

      1. The law states free o f cruel or unusual punishment. Nowhere is what cruel or unusual spelled out specifically. The law does not state “pain free or painless”. This is all just a ploy by the attorneys to delay just punishment for their client.

    8. Exactly! What about the pain his victims endured, not to mention the fear and horror he put them through. It really makes me sick when I see people protesting that the methods used in carrying out a death sentence is too inhumane. Are you kidding me? What about the victim’s rights? All they wanted was to be able to live!

    9. And I’ve never been able to understand the need for sterile equipment and needles etc. Why? I’d use the stuff picked up off the street. Not like he’s got time to develope anything!

  1. so…..he gets an easy death by injection while these sweet girls and parents get a horrible death. Yeah….justice in action. SMH!

  2. It sure does not bother me on what pain this guy felt, wish it could of been what that family felt. Burn, burn, burn!! Yes

  3. They could have just cut his throat….saved the expense of drugs…..Sooo they were the victims of “his dispare”??? Whats his excuse when he stands before God?

    1. so what if it caused him pain ??
      don’t you think the family endured any pain, they should have cut his throat and bashed his head in with a hammer !!!

  4. According to a Pew Research poll published in September 2016 poll, less than one-half of Americans said they support the death penalty, reports The New York Times.

    I call BULLSHIT on that claim. I say if you are on death row, states need get those electric chairs, gallows, firing squads, etc., up and running. Put them down the way they people others down.

  5. According to a Pew Research poll published in September 2016 poll, less than one-half of Americans said they support the death penalty, reports The New York Times.

    I call BULLSHIT on that claim. I say if you are on death row, states need get those electric chairs, gallows, firing squads, etc., up and running. Put them down the way they put their victims down.

  6. “Gray was executed by lethal injection, which appeared to take longer than usual. This raised some concerns about the drugs used in the process.” Who cares?

  7. Why did he deserve anything humane? What he did was surely not humane. He should have been tortured not humanely executed.

  8. One of the best reasons to support the death penalty. The executions should come quicker and there should be less appeals to the sentences.

  9. He still made it all about himself. “Victims of HIS DESPAIR” Yes, I believe in the death penalty. His death was less painful than that of his victims.

  10. I firmly believe in the death penalty. Why should we worry about how he feels or pay for him to stay in prison! He killed 4 people and 2 were CHILDREN. He deserves nothing. As far as I’m concerned anyone who hurts a child should be given a death sentence, no questions asked. Do to him what he done to them.

  11. I’m so tired of hearing how killing some lowlife is too cruel and painful ! If it had been one of these critics loved ones that was murdered by the guy it would be a while different story ! Who cares if they suffer? They should suffer as much as their victims did !

  12. I think they shold have used the firing squad like his dumbass laywer mentioned. 22 caliber in the legs and arms to start. The scum bag should suffer as much as possbible for what he did.

  13. I hope it was the most painful all executions should be painful praise the lord justice was served!! and I hope he suffered like that poor family did as they watched their daughters being slaughtered !!

  14. So sorry for the family of all these people I cannot imagine cutting these little girls throats an probably the parents heard their last words What kind of animal was he ??? Why was he so mad that he did this. , I pray to Jesus for an answer. As far as I am concerned. They wasted the drugs to kill him. They should have just cut his throat. Dd

  15. Typical ANIMAL! Should have cut his throat and smashed his head.His asshole lawyer said he was trying to make amends but when asked if he had any last words or regrets he answered “NOPE”

  16. I don’t understand the ” We can’t make them suffer mentality”! I personally believe the son of a bitch should have been executed just like he killed his victims. How do these bleeding heart assholes sleep, knowing what these deranged bastards have done and they defend or excuse. Roast the bastards slowly and make them suffer.

    1. I agree, Hank.. Anyone who can kill two little innocent children does not deserve to avoid suffering. His victims didn’t have the choice to avoid suffering; and, you’re right, he should have been executed like his victims were.

    2. I agree 100% We’re supposed to care if this savage suffers after he brutally murdered 4 people. He should be killed exactly the way he killed his victims I hope he suffered miserably before he died. He was a worthless POS the only good thing he ever did was die

  17. I am definitely not a fan of the death penalty but there are some cases that are just so bad, that some thing must be done. I can’t find any sympathy for a so called “man” as this. I actually question if he was even human. But the death penalty was certainly appropriate in this case.

  18. Man I could have saved the state a lot of money, I would of just beat him to death with a baseball bat,,,, no really, I would have.

  19. Yer shore the problem here is the drugs did not kill him fast enough .
    why does the murderer have more rights than the victum.

  20. I think they should do more executions and maybe some people would think twice before committing these HORRIBLE horrendous crimes

  21. The answer to the question, “Do you support the death penalty”, might have been different had it been specific to this particular situation.

  22. Ask him whether it hurt. If he says it did then we can reconsider this as a method of execution. If he doesn’t complain – carry on.

  23. This animal should have died the exact same brutal death that he gave those 2 little girls and their parents. Oh, and the method of his death caused “concern” because it took a little longer than usual? Get serious.

  24. Do to this jerk what he did to this precious family.. Only let him bleed to death very slow. He needed to see how painful it was for this family.. God will judge him for what he did…

    1. I have said so many times that I think a murderer should be executed in as close a way as possible to the way his victims died…. maybe worse. Rapists and pedifiles should also be executed because they will never change and will do more harm if released.

  25. who the f**k cares, how long it took them to wax that asshole..geez, give me a break bleeding heart sorry ass liberals. your all bleeding heart till its your family that’s been murdered.

  26. It’s time to make the punishment fit the crime! This kind of killer should be executed inch by painful inch! Just slice off a strip of skin, then another, then another … slice one arm, then the other…. break one leg, then another …. castrate him …. make him suffer for AT LEAST an hour! If this were done, perhaps others would think twice before committing a similar crime.

  27. Why should he have had a better death? He did not care when he killed this family! His dispair? Really? May the family rest in peace! May his soul never rest!

  28. Pain?…. He suffered pain??? Who the hell cares if he suffered any pain? Think about the parents and those two little girls, what and how much pain did they suffer?..
    HIS F-ING DESPAIR??? Give me a break, those people were tortured, nothing less.!! He got off way to easy!

  29. and there was a big issue on the news in regards to this man feeling pain throughout the process, they claimed that this was too brutal a way to die and that the death penalty should be done away with, and that the process took longer than an hour! I’m outraged at the news I saw , everyone on the panel was more concerned with the procedure and how it was so bad and not one person said anything about how the poor family suffered, the whole family had been slaughtered and they were worried about this mans feelings? unbelievable to say the least, He should have suffered more than he did. I’m sorry but the things this poor family heard and seen that day and suffered thru before they perished is what should be remembered , not the way this animal died. The media is so messed up! and that’s saying it nicely!!

  30. Oh what a shame the lethal injection took longer than expected. Too bad, it didn’t take weeks, for him to die a very slow death! His death was still more humane and less painful and traumatic than that poor family’s deaths. Wish more could have been done to him, can’t say he wouldn’t deserve it!

  31. As I am reading the way the girls and their parents were killed must have been a very painful way to die also. I don’t understand this as people who kill others have rights and the ones that have been killed seem to have no rights at all. Why is a killers life more important than the ones they kill. I really think if you commit a crime the way to die is the same way they killed a person. After all fair is fair in my world. They should die a very painful death.

  32. I am in full aggrement with painful death for this F**KER.they should have drawn and quartered him very very slowly.My only satisfaction is that he must now face his maker and before he goes to hell,explain what the hell he was thinking.

  33. These subhuman animals deserve to die in the most painful manner that can be inflicted to a man or woman ….Not a painless death !!! These bastards need to be publicly tortured !!!!

  34. I am a firm believer in capital punishment ; if it isn’t through fear of consequences human beings do not get it ! There must be a deterrent ! You do this that happens…. basic common sense! God Bless my personal opinion this very situation a family wiped out is precisely why!

  35. It is unbelievable that any attorney can stand in a court room and say that it is cruel for a murderer should die easy when you look at the CRUEL ways that they kill there victims . there is no method of death that is to cruel for a murderer to DIE. the soft hearted courts are no less evil that terrorist that cut off peoples heads. maybe this would be lees cruel than a needle.

  36. Let the punishment fit the crime… Cut HIS throat, bash HIS head then burn his worthless body to ashes and flush em done the sewer with the rest of the crap…

    It HURT him?? I HOPE IT DID…

  37. You murdered four innocent people! Glad you did not die quickly! Your victims didn’t have a chance! And your lawyer?? Your client murdered a family you scum! No one forced him too! May he rot in hell in pain!!

  38. He cut thier throats..and then proceeded to hit them in the head with a HAMMER!!! Crushing thier skulls… he didnt just kill them by slitting thier throats. He mangled/destroyed thier heads..while they were bleeding out, hands tied behind there backs- He struck them multiple time breaking their skulls in to pieces. He did this 4 Times… are we such a society of idiots to think that someone like this could deserve mercy? Think about the funerals..closed casket or creamated. No closure for the family. Hes should have been tied down like and animal, with his throat slit, and his head bashed in with a baseball bat ” Negan style”.
    Cuz i will shut that shit down!!

  39. I think he should of suffered more but the job got done. If you hurt or kill little kids or if you rape women then you should get the needle.

  40. Fuck you Ricky Gray. I am glad your sorry fucking ass is dead. I could have injected you while eating dinner. Rot in fucking hell.

    1. tie him up in the middle of a red aint pile, you do what he did who cares if he suffered or not what about those children and family, bleeding hearts need to just fade away in their safe spot, and cry,,,

  41. Bull, why do they not mention how many years longer he lived than the victims? Bull again, this quoted “poll” or any poll never asked me or anyone I know. The Death Penalty needs to be expanded to include child molesters, to start with and justice to administered much sooner. And Bull again, in that I’m sick of all the liberal sniveling for the poor murderous bastards that brought this on themselves! We all have issues, buck up snowflake! Life’s a bitch and then you die, hopefully some much sooner!

  42. Humane My Ass they got more right behind that wire then most , Humane maybe should have slit his throat that would have been Humane

  43. Don’t give a fuck about his despair. The lives of that family matter. Now they’re gone forever. I hope he burns forever in hell, where he belongs. Bastard.

  44. Luke V. West Deptford, New Jersey
    I have said many times the same things these people have said, but I have my own punishment.
    Put the guys nuts in a vice and slowly close the jaws and lets hear him scream in pain. Let him stay like that until he dies a slow death. Maybe if more criminals were put to death instead of being on death row for years and years, maybe it would slowly cut down on such UNGODLY killings like these. Hopefully President Trump will give this some thought and act on it.

  45. Why can’t they partially execute people like this, then revive them, then partially execute them again using a different method, revive them, then repeat the process until they can no longer be revived, or until they are executed for each count of murder they have been convicted again.? That way each murder victim can receive justice. Or, would that be considered cruel and unusual punishment?

  46. Who gives a rats ass what he felt or how long it took for this POS to die! The method of execution should have been slicing his throat with a butter knife! As painful as it could be. AMF you low life!

  47. Too bad the parents didn’t practice CCW. That family would probably be alive today had they the training, equipment, and mindset for proactive, timely and effective personal defence.

  48. Merciful death….I wonder if he felt that way as he killed the little girls probably.while the parents watched. I do not care if it was painful. He should suffer. Kill.him as he killed his victims.

  49. He is the first prisoner in Virginia to be executed using the controversial three-drug cocktail of midazolam, rocuronium bromide and potassium chloride. The lethal injection plan had been challenged by Gray’s attorneys, who claimed that even a firing squad would be more humane.

  50. Every single inmate on death row finds religion. Every single one of them are now model citizens. Every single one of them should be set free. That is the standard rhetoric from the radical left, and the bleeding heart idiots. I hope that just before he went to hell, he experienced severe pain and hopelessness! At least that would have been a tiny measure of justice.

  51. I would have made that injection last as long as possible. I could have so sympathy for a person who did what he did to that family. It just make’s me sick that they would want any Mercy for that man. I am sure he did not suffer near as much as the family he slaughtered.

  52. Should have tied him up, hit him with a hammer and “slowly” cut his throat!! Too bad they couldn’t have drawn out the three drugs a little longer!

  53. Why are the lawyers who defend this animal so concerned about the treatment of the animals who committed this horrific crime? What happened to the victims position, because they are dead they don’t get to be heard? I am sick of the bleeding hearts who run to the defense of those who totally disregard the rights of those victims life’s that have been tragically silenced. It’s time a morally correct mindset takes control and says enough, the victims rights are more important than those who committed the crimes against our society. Sorry that capital punishment hurts but you were the one who stepped beyond those rights of a civil society and now must pay the price for your bad judgement.

  54. He was not sorry and he would do it again the first chance he got, he would have said anything to get out of jail, human trash. Not isis, not muslin just human trash.

  55. Want compassion in death penalty? Once found guilty, move them to an execution site where they are immediately made to kneel down and quickly end their life with a 12 gauge shotgun blast (buckshot) at close range to the back of their head. Death is immediate and much more humane than what they typically gave to their victim. Send the spent shotgun shell with a bill for the family to pay.

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