Mom Is Offended When Flight Attendant Kicks Her Off Plane. Quickly Realizes It’s For Her Own Good

“The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.” Many companies say they are dedicated to customer service. But are they really? Southwest aimed to prove to its customers just how seriously they took their mission statement…

Peggy Uhle was ready to take-off from Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois for her flight to Columbus, Ohio. Before she knew it, the plane turned off the runway and headed back to the gate. The flight attendant approached Uhle and told her to leave the plane.

The mother assumed she was on the wrong flight. But then she learned that her son’s life was at risk and Southwest was helping her visit him before it was too late…

“I figured I was on the wrong plane,” Uhle said. “The gate agent told me to check in at the desk and when I did she told me to call my husband.”

When she did, she received the worst news of her adult life. Her son, who lived in Denver, Colorado, had received a head injury and was in a coma.

Uhle started freaking out. She couldn’t go to Ohio when her son was in danger. She needed to go to Denver!

When she turned around to talk to the Southwest agent at the desk, they told her they already handled everything. She was booked on the next flight to Denver.

“The gate attendant already knew the situation and had booked me on a direct flight to Denver that was leaving in the next two hours,” Uhle told Boarding Area.

Although Uhle said it was all right, Southwest refused to charger her any fees or additional charges for the sudden change in flight plans. The worried mother was overwhelmed. Her son was in a coma and Southwest had just made it possible for her to see him before something worse happened…

“They offered a private waiting area, rerouted my luggage, allowed me to board first, and packed a lunch for when I got off the plane in Denver,” Uhle said.

Southwest treated the worried mother with respect and kindness. They honor the struggle she was enduring.

“My luggage was delivered to where I was staying, and I even received a call from Southwest asking how my son was doing.”

They airline went above and beyond what was expected of them.

Uhle never expected Southwest Airlines to honor customer service to the level they did in her situation. Now, she recommends the airline to everyone she knows.

“The care that I was shown is second to none,” Uhle said. “We have always liked Southwest Airlines and now we can’t say enough good things about them.”

Uhle took the flight to Denver and was rushed to the hospital to be with her son. He is in better condition now, but is still recovering.

“My son suffered a traumatic brain injury and continues to recover,” Uhle said.

What do you make of this story? Are you inspired or touched?

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173 thoughts on “Mom Is Offended When Flight Attendant Kicks Her Off Plane. Quickly Realizes It’s For Her Own Good”

    1. That’s a true Love Airline, This is not the only time that SWA has done this kind Hester for a family have witnessed it for myself.

      1. This is why we always travel Southwest wherever we g travel to unless Southwest does not fly there. We are always treated with respect and all the staff is wonderful.

        1. We fly SWA at every chance … for just this kind of service. The daughter of a childhood friend and brother Marine, is an attendant and I’m sending this to her.
          Of my own experience I have witnessed humorous banter when things got scary and one passenger was frightened… by the time we landed she was laughing hysterically and the entire cabin was smiling. SWA crews are a cut above… Carol Joy McLeod

    2. I’m brought to tears. It reminded me of a situation I encountered in 2004. I wish I could remember the name of the Airline. I flew from Ct. to Seattle. My luggage somehow couldn’t be found @ my final destination. I started to cry & freak out on the phone @ my hotel room as I explained to them… it’s not “my luggage” I care about, it’s my Chihuahua! They were so wonderful & kind & by the end of that night they had a young gentleman drive all the way to where I was staying & hand delivered my Lil Buddy to me. God Bless these wonderful airline families.

    3. I love Southwest, after hearing that story it just melted my heart that they would go above and beyond to do this for someone. I am so amazed with the story that I have spread and shared this story with lots of people. Thanks Southwest and may God always be with you.

      1. When my mother’s health was failing I lived on the opposite coast from her. I flew frequently with Southwest to visit her. Their flexibility with travel dates made them the only option. During the last to visit her, she passed away and I was able to change my ticket twice while there as arrangements were being Marek Marek. I could stay without piling up change fees. This in itself is compassion. It is night and day when compared to hassles and fees of changing tickets on other airlines. And when I did leave, I was able to check 2 bags at no extra cost to bring back family keepsakes.

    4. so good to hear of an airline doing something good for it’s passengers instead of raping them every chance they get!…kudo’s southwest, i will fly you whenever i can

    5. Very GREAT story
      So good to know there’s
      Still caring people out there
      I’ve always liked South West
      God Bless All

    6. I love Southwest for the care they give their passengers…wonderful job Southwest for helping the mother get to her son

    7. Amazing human compassion shown by Southwest Airlines! I really flying Southwest Airlines, always on time and No Charge for your luggage!! Thank You SWA

    8. I am impressed and happy that Southwest value lives not just the money. I started traveling and Southwest is the only airlines, I use. I understand why. Thank you for sharing and I pray that your son and family continues to heal from the inside out.

    9. Corporate America at it’s best, ‘being concerned, compassionate and showing others that it is not about the corporate bottom line but the heart line that really matters’ and that is being a phenomenal Corporate Citizen!

  1. This is one of the best stories I read in a while it shows us all there are good people out there that our family whether blood or not is there to help when there is a need
    Thank you Southwest Airlines for your service

  2. What a great compassion! Hats off to Southwest Airlines!
    It shows that they are really interested in providing not only a good service but a humanity not expected today.

    1. I am touched by this act of kindness and appreciate the genuine concern demonstrated be Southwest team! Thank you!

  3. Well, after a horrific experience with Southwest in my travels a few years ago…mostly unwarranted delays NOT due to weather, I’m glad to read something positive about this airline!

  4. Too often stories like this get overlooked, prayers goes out to mrs uhle & her son & a big shoutout to Southwest Airlines. Thank You for being a first class organization.

    More of us should use Southwest Airlines when we travel to show our appreciation!

    1. I will share this story on Facebook, how sweet of them, to take care of everything for her , n her hour of distress.
      Im so pleased to tell this story.
      Amanda Poore

  5. I think this is just wonderful how they treated this lady.
    I have flown Southwest and enjoyed It very much. I have a
    special friend, Betty that is a stewardess on Southwest.

  6. BEST COMPANY I EVER WORKED FOR! I have regretted the day I quit ever since. I would see this type of kindness happen daily at San Jose International airport. GO SOUTHWEST AIRLINES ✈️

  7. I have been a SWA user for about 25 years and find that this story is one more star in their halo. I never fly anywhere that Southwest doesn’t go! Amen for such fine people.

  8. I pray that Mrs. Uhle and her son will be okay. I have flown with Southwest Airlines many times. They are the very best in customer service. Excellent caring people. Thank You Southwest. Keep up the good work.

  9. Southwest Airlines is Native Texan, and we Texans try to do what’s best for everyone! It’s the way we were raised! We think we’re always the biggest, but we KNOW we’re the best! And we’re humble, too… 😉

    1. Bravo Southwest. I don’t. Know of any airline to do the same. 16 years ago,
      We received a call from ur daughter in law hysterical voice. Our son ,Jimmy, who was 32,was on his motorcycle was hit by a car. We then spoke to the Dr. Our son was Brain Dead. His little boy was 6 moths old & his daughter was 7. We flew American, We always fly. I was beside myself, crying to get the tickets. They did get us bereavent prices, over $700 each. I really don’t recall any sensitivity to us. this happened on March 20th. Our daughter’s birthday. They are 15 months apart.

  10. We are huge fans of Southwest Airlines and fly it regularly. I am very proud to be a regular flyer
    as well as the grandmother of a Southwest flight attendant. You all rock!

  11. This is a shining example of Southwest Airlines’ goal to provide every Customer with “Positively Outrageous Service”! -a lifelong customer

  12. Both pleasing and strange to read such a good news event when Bad news usually makes the headlines.
    The South West staff should be both congratulated and maybe could be involved in reinforcing this specific aspect of Corp culture?

  13. Worked there, been there, done things like that.
    When Southwest says family, they mean it. The Supervisors, Res Agents, gate crews are just AWESOME. A lots of cancer patients fly in to M. D. Anderson with family and Southwest is always on top of good customer service. I miss my SWA family. No better place to work.

  14. As a former, now retired SWA Employee those situations are done more than anyone will ever know. It was always important to stay humble, but to follow the Golden Rule!

  15. She wasn’t kicked off the plane at all, she was escorted to a place where she could find out what was happening and transferred to a different flight

    1. The words “offended” and “kicks her off” were just in the headline to get people to click on it. I’m a newspaper editor, and I would have written “Mom overwhelmed with airline’s kindness” but how many clicks would that get?

  16. My daughter’s friend began experiencing severe abdominal pain while on a flight between Dallas and Minneapolis. Southwest made an emergency landing, had an ambulance waiting, and got her to the hospital. They also got her luggage off of the plane and to the hospital. After several days in the hospital, she was released. Southwest not only got her on a flight to Minneapolis, they arranged for transportation from the hospital to the airport. I always try to fly Southwest. I’m sure that people have had bad experiences with them, but I have never heard any above-and-beyond stories like these from other airlines. Heartwarming.

  17. What a wonderful story. I have always flown Southwest. I need a wheelchair and they always board me in the first group so that I can get one of the roomy seats in the front. I had knee surgery that does not bend to get into the other rows of seats. They treat me with respect and don’t make me feel ashamed of my disability. I am 78 years old and still hope to keep flying.

  18. Very similar to what SW did for me. My mother was dying from cancer and I was trying to get from New Orleans to San Antonio right before Christmas, their busiest time, and trying to beat an ice storm. They met me at the curb, escorted me to an earlier flight that would connect in Houston earlier, and made sure in Houston that I was on that flight. They were incredible and I was very appreciative. I always fly SW whenever I can.

  19. What a great airline and great people. I will tell everyone I know about this incident. Thank you for your fantastic performance. Sheila Martin, Reading Ma.

  20. I am disabled and have flown many airlines, but since flying with Southwest, it is the ONLY airline I use (hoping to go to France hint hint). They go out of their way to make me feel comfortable and not “out of place”. I get to board first, I use a scooter, which they take for free, they bring it and off I go. The ticket prices are great and all are priced one way. And 2 bags for FREE! The employees are very entertaining and make the flights got by fast. Anyways I love them!

  21. I live in Australia but feel like traveling to America just so that I could fly with Southwest Airlines.
    My wife is an ex flight attendant and also taught customer service to a retail chain of stores and this story really touched her heart.
    Wether I get to fly Southwest or not it is great to hear about such a company that practices what it preaches.
    Keep up the good work Southwest you deserve to be very successful.
    David from down under.

  22. I have flown Southwest for years, in business and for pleasure trips. Cannot say a bad thing about this airline. I wish more airlines would use their model…

  23. I love Southwest Airlines. Unfortunately, they do not fly where I live. Would love to fly directly from SC to Ft. LAuderdale without going to Baltimore or NY first. Keep up the good deeds Southwest!

  24. On April 13, 1990, I arrived at the Southwest ticket counter at Hobby Airport and told the agent I needed a ticket on the very next flight to New Orleans. She told me hat the plane was full and leaving in a few minutes. I explained that she did not understand that my little sister was in the hospital in a coma and I needed to be there. She immediately assured me I would be on he flight and was successful. I will be forever grateful to Southwest Airlines.

  25. Good going Southwest. I am planning a vacation to New Mexico and for sure will fly Southwest. Many thanks for doing and right thing (and more) for that family.
    Sarah Richardson, Arlington, Washington.

  26. The headline is very misrepresenting! First off, the woman wasn’t “kicked off” the flight and secondly the woman wasn’t “offended”…she thought she was on a wrong flight and the flight attendant was correcting her (the mother’s) mistake.

  27. Wow, what a wonderful real-life story, my goodness! Talk about going above and beyond the call of good customer relations duty! Southwest Airlines, people who truly do care. Love it.

  28. I agree with Jack. Stories like these should be published more often so that the public can hear the wonderful things that others do over and above the norm. Huge kudos to Southwest Airlines and their employees, crew and staff for helping Mrs. Uhle in her time of need and showing their great compassion, empathy and respect for the situation at hand. Prayers for Mrs. Uhle’s son’s continued road to recovery.

  29. “The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.”
    UNLESS some ignorant, uptight WHITE soccer mom doesn’t like someone speaking Arabic and insists the foreign speaking persons get removed from the plane.
    yeah, good for you Southwest…

  30. That is amazing and shows just how a little kindness and concern goes a long way. She should sleep well, but I’m sure she does anyway, just sounds like that kind of person. Awesome story and glad the ladies don is recovering.

  31. I love the airline – I just wish they flew more places. When I have to fly another airline I am not miserable. LOVE you Southwest I hope you continue to have affordable flights

  32. More than well done Southwest. It wonderful to hear this story and I think I’ll change and use Southwest whenever I can. It is good to know people still care.

  33. I always enjoyed Southwest while living in Dallas, now I like and respect them even more. I live in Palm Beach county, don’t think it flies in and out of PBIA in West Palm Beach. We used it to fly all over TX and bordering states. it was always was on time, now one more reason to fly them.

    1. They definitely fly from PBI!!! I fly SW whenever I can, and even drive to FLL if I can’t get out of PBI when I want.

  34. We all need to put a little more”Southwest” thing in our days. That is our mission-to respond to the needs of others and show respect to all.

  35. That level of compassion comes from the top! Thank You Southwest Airlines for passing on this most commendable and caring customer service to your staff!! That’s the kind of company I would love to work for and I would definitely be a customer for life!!! So glad things worked out well for the Uhle’s son. <3

  36. Having worked for Southwest, I may be partial, but I have seen how wonderfully they treat their employees, and how much they truly care about their customers. Whenever my husband (who is a pilot for SWA) or I had a surgery or other major event, they always send gifts and cards to let us know they care. Luv, luv, LUV Southwest!

  37. I consider myself blessed when I read something like this. There is so much in this world that is happening that I wish I could be made aware of such as this story. This is extraordinary and is up and beyond anything I’ve read. The heart of the people involved certainly reflects the heart of the airline they are connected with and so I’m left in awe of Southwest Airlines.

  38. I have always flown Southwest Airlines because they have always made me feel very special and always go out of there way even when they don’t have to. I truly love you Southwest Airlines this story does not surprise me because you always go out of your way for Frank and Me !!! I can’t wait to get enough points earned for us to visit Hawaii ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Wow! This sure brings customer service to a new level. I love flying Southwest. This lady is a friend of my sister and I only heard about it because my sister shared the post. Good job, Southwest Airlines!

  40. This does not surprise me, as Southwest always tries to do the best it can to serve its customers! I’ve read many SW stories that are similar, but this one really touched me since I am a mother of grown sons! We always try to fly Southwest!! ❤ the Luv Airline!😃

  41. It’s nice to see a business realize and react to a situation in a humane way. They treated this woman as a person instead of a seat number or ticketholder. Kudos to Southwest and may other businesses take note!

  42. I have spent a great part of my career traveling by air. I have used all the major airlines, SW, AA, United, Delta and have seen good things done by all of them. It just depends on the day, the time, the situation, the pilot, the flight attendants and the passengers. Good things happen all the time as well as bad things. Luggage gets lost, flights get delayed, flights get missed and we all have bad days. There is no reason to get all bent out of shape about it as it just doesn’t do any good! I would much rather see a great story like this than the bad stories! So please if you have a good story post it and keep the bad one’s to yourself! 🙂

  43. That is why I am very proud to work for such a wonderful company. I would not change it for anything. We are a big family and care very much about our customers. I gives me warm fuzzies when I hear these stories. Keep up the great Southwest spirit! ❤️💙💛

  44. Way to go, South West Airlines! I am so impressed, and grateful to know that you have the respect and integrity that makes life better for those of us who travel with you. Nothing is better than to know that courtesy is still alive and well.
    Keep on keeping on, and hopefully other airlines will follow your policy!

  45. I am not surprised at all. Southwest was almost as kind to me because my dog, who was at home, needed my attention. I did not need a special flghtbut I experienced the rest of the customer concern.

  46. Southwest is it for me from now on. That type of attitude and action is so beautiful that this is the type of airline I want to fly.

  47. That’s why Southwest has always been my airline of choice unless I travel where it does not. This is typical of its level of service and “luv!”

  48. My 92 year old mom fell and cracked her head a week before she was going to leave for florida. I bought her the ticket (good son) and she wasn’t healthy enough to go. My wife and I were leaving 2 weeks later, changed moms flight 3 times and SWA couldn’t have been more accommodating

  49. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flying SW.As a part of my job I have to travel very often and SW has revolutionized the Air industry ! No hassle, No change fee and probable the most pleasing staff I have ever seen ! I prefer flying SW even If I have a lay-over vs some other airline because they just make teh travel experience so much enjoyable !

  50. Not my experience with SW. 24 years ago I met with one of the most rudest gate agents of my life, and I promised myself not fly SW whenever I could avoid it. My 3 1/2 month-old son was inconsolable so I was walking him near the gate’s walking path. I had already checked in befor the plane arrived. I was so focused in calming him down that I had not heard them paging me. When they begin to board, I get in line (sniffling baby, diaper bag, car seat, purse), and when I reach the part where they take one’s boarding pass, they call over the gate mgr. & she tells me that because I had not answered the page they gave my seat to someone else!! I told her I was just right there ( pointing) where I was walking my baby and that I did not hear them. She would not relent. She made me (& my baby) wait 3-4 hours on standby until a seat was found on a plane!!!! I will never forget her, her face, and her disgusting attitude! Gave me a very bad taste for SW that still, to this day, I’m very cautious/leary to use.

    1. She should have been reported to a supervisor etc. Southwest management would have taken this very seriously. And not liked it that one of their employees treated a customer like that.
      They would have been right on the problem.

    2. I am not a SW person they are not in my area. If you would consider something. That was terrible what happened to you make no bones about it. It also was 30+ years ago. It seems that many things and people have changed since then I’m sure you have too. Maybe you could isolate that incident to one day out of your last 10,950 days (30 years X 365) 10 K,
      10 THOUSAND nine hounded and fifty days. Let them make it up to you!
      Westjet also goes above and beyond they are employee owned and try harder.

    3. Unpleasant experience, and not everyone is perfect, but apparently they didn’t do anything wrong since you were the one that didn’t hear your name being paged.

  51. Nice to hear this story…the next time I fly it will be with Southwest. Kudo on delivering customer service the way it should be but rarely ever is…

  52. I am not surprised that Southwest reacted the way that they did. It’s because of this kind of service that my wife and I fly southwest whenever possible.

  53. I wish a lot of the other airlines were that compassionate of there passengers.and I love flying Southwest Airlines anyway.i wish people were a lot kinder to each makes life that much easier.

  54. I teared, this is the America I think we all long for. Not just emotional capitalism but real feelings, those are the assets of life we look for with money ironically.

  55. The world needs more services like this. It is so great to be treated with dignity and for others to view your emergency important enough to help. Great act of respect and care.

  56. As others have said, this is not the only time that Southwest has been helpful in ways that are not expected. I have been a recipient of this treatment as well. My observations in the past (I flew quite regularly for several years) was that this is the normal M.O. for Southwest staff and that they enjoy being able to truly help when it is needed. On top of that, I don’t ever hear Southwest brag about what they do, they simply go about doing what is needed and move on. I am grateful for what they represent and how they do it.

  57. What i don’t understood is actually how you are not actually much more well-liked than you might be right now. You’re very intelligent. You realize thus significantly relating to this subject, produced me personally consider it from numerous varied angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated unless it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs outstanding. Always maintain it up!

  58. This story just makes me feel warm all over.
    Thank God there are still many great people in the world and enjoy doing the right things by people and not out to get them.
    This is lovely! Kudos to Southwest! Keep doing great deeds like this.

  59. Wow! When I received a call that my daughter passed and I was trying to go from Mississippi to Washington, DC, Southwest wanted to charge me $1,400.00 for a one way ticket. ☹️

  60. I flew out of PDX to San Jose, California to visit my family on the 16th of February and supposed to fly back to Vancouver, WA on the 21st. On Monday the 20th my Mom was rushed to the emergency on an ambulance for gastric pain. It was gallstone according to the doctor. I decided to reschedule my flight to the 26th, so I cloud spend more time with my Mom. I called Southwest worried that they will charge me a lot, but the response that I received was, “we will reschedule your flight and we will honor your old reservation, good luck with your Mom.” It was something like that. I was so happy and thankful. She was in the operation room twice more after the first. It was one after another, her kidney, her liver, a lot had happened that I had to stay longer. I was so nervous to call Southwest to reschedule my flight for the second time. The Lady on the other line put me on hold and when she came back on the line she said, “it’s ok we will honor the same reservation.” I was so happy and grateful for airline companies like Southwest for making it easy for my family. My Mom is still in the Hospital. She was moved from CCU to a regular room yesterday. It will still be a long journey for an 83 year old but very hopeful. Thank you again Southwest for showing kindness. God Bless.

  61. I have read many stories about the humanity of Southwest and their employees. I always fly Southwest (if they are going where I am going!) I was so grateful when they finally began flying into and out of Rochester NY! The only airlines I look at when booking!!

    This story warms my heart – but it does not surprise me! That’s the kind of company it is!! Prayers to Peggy and her son and her family. May he continue to improve and learn the story of the company that brought his mom to him when he needed her most!

  62. Thatš amazing! I’ve never been much of a Southwest fan (although I’m sitting on a Southwet flight right now), but huge respect to Southwest for this!

  63. A great example of top flight customer service. And other comments show this is not the first time. So you know it won’t be the last. I will fly Southwest whenever possible!

  64. Southwest Airlines is not just an Airline that transport passengers. They are ‘True Luv’ for their passengers and employees. God Bless SWA and all the employees, especially the ones on this flight. Prayers for all are sent.

  65. The article is touching, but the headline doesn’t match the story. There’s nothing in the story that suggests the woman was “offended”; only that she was puzzled and then very grateful. “Offended” makes a more sensational headline, but readers would still have been attracted to the story if you’d used a less sensational, more accurate verb.

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  67. I remember when Southwest had 3 planes and was flying from Houston to Dallas to San Antonio. My college kids would fly to visit friends and the fare was so very cheap. I have always chosen to fly Southwest whenever they were going my way. I use my Southwest credit card for miles my family can use.

  68. Incredibly sensitive and kind. I’ve never heard of a company taking such thorough measures to help a family. I was deeply touched by this.

  69. If all American corporations treated their customers with the same concern and interest as Southwest Airlines did for this lady, they could put foreign competition out of business in this country. I think Americans are willing to pay a little more for good service.

  70. Loved this story! Southwest air when given the chance will be my airline of choice. Another great airlines is WESTJET reason they are employee owned BUT during the shooting at LAX a couple of years ago, employees of Westjet went then the airport with signs saying, ‘Westjet passengers follow me’. They took those people to a safe area to wait for the all clear signal from LAPD. ABOVE AND BEYOND!

  71. With so much negativity these days about all situations, especially the airlines, it is good to hear stories of compassion and help. Thank you, Southwest Airlines, for going to this mother’s aid and helping her out in a very emotional time in her life! I do fly Southwest when I can, and always will. By the way, Southwest helped me out when my sister was too sick with cancer to take a short trip she and I had planned. They refunded her money and gave me credit on another ticket for later. I never got to use it, but I appreciate the fact that the credit was there. It was worth the loss of my money to see the way they treated my sister! My sister passed away only shortly more than two months later. Thank you, Southwest!

  72. Yes I have always love SWA! It’s the only airline that is direct and doesn’t charge you for bringing 2 bags (2 bags fly free)! Very good heartfelt story! I just wished Southwest flew to North Carolina!

  73. Beautiful story. My daughter flies SW, but I was very uncomfortable not having a reserved seat. As a senior citizen, I need to know I have an aisle seat near the rest room.

  74. I am leaving on Southwest April 5th we will always use Southwest for our Airline. God Bless them so much for what they did for her and her family.I’m glad I am flying Southwest to go to Cleveland to visit my family there.

  75. Although Uhle said it was all right, Southwest refused to charger her any fees or additional charges……………….

    They airline went above and beyond what was expected of them.

    charger her? They airline?

    Great story, but who is getting paid to write this, our new millennials?

  76. Having flown Southwest numerous times, I am ALWAYS please with the treatment I receive.
    I highly recommend this airline to anyone.
    Thanks Southwest

  77. Love Southwest….now even more! I have never had a bad flight experience with Southwest, even when we had to change gates/planes at the last moment due to a malfunction. They are courteous, kind, and patient. Sometimes they are not the least expensive but they are the best!

  78. How wonderful that there are still companies and employees that care enough to do the right thing/ How kind she was treated. Kudos to all involved!

  79. A great storie I fly South West a lot and have always been treated well. As a disabled senior and senior activist they have always made me feel welcome aboard. Keep up the good work.

  80. Southwest is phenomenal. When my son was in the hospital San Antonio, I received a call saying his outlook was very dim. I boarded a plane – Southwest. My seat partner was a Southwest employee who was going home after a well deserved vacation. When I told her my story, even though she wasn’t on duty, she made sure I had all of the necessary information to make it to my son’s bedside before he was rushed into surgery. She was my angel, and Southwest was the vehicle that delivered much needed care for me. They are superb.

  81. As far as I’m concerned, Southwest has NO competition. Every other airline I have ever been forced to use has fallen SO far short of Southwest’s superior standards of customer service that they have lost my business. I will throw a party and dance in the streets when SW finally expands their service to and from Colorado Springs, but until then, I will deal with the inconvenience of flying out of Denver because flying Southwest is worth it. When family emergencies or tradgedies happen or unforseen events force changes in travel plans, SW employees do their absolute best to accommodate the needs of the passenger without taking advantage of the opportunity to overcharge. They treat their passengers like family and they deserve every bit of the passenger loyalty they receive in return.

  82. In my opinion, the heading on this story is highly misleading, sensationalizes the account to draw the attention of the reader, rather than illustrate Southwest Airlines’ superb customer service to a customer in an emergency. Shame on you! After reading the story, it’s clear that the passenger was not “kicked off the plane” as you say. Nor do I believe the passenger was offended, as you say, rather deeply grateful for Southwest’s handling of the situation. To say that the flight attendant told the lady to leave the plane is rather harsh. I’m sure that she asked the passenger to disembark, and explained that there was a good reason for their actions.

  83. I LOVE Southwest. I have watched them caring for passengers above and beyond as long as I have been flying with them. I love that they stick to their rules with firm kindness, never with nastiness. They are the ONLY airline I will fly in the US. Southwests customer service is amazing, easy and human! They treat us all like family! This is a heartwarming story of a company that cares about its customers! I am so grateful for what they did for this woman and her family. Kudos to Southwest!!!

  84. Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  85. I have never flew before but if I do I will make sure it is with this airline. this is a very touching story and this airline done something that shows there are people and business that still care and its not about money, its about caring and being human. what God teaches us in the Bible. way to go.

  86. I am pleased to still see this. I wrote the original story in May 2015 which went viral and re-posted it February 2016. I mention this as a generic FYI because I interviewed her and she was not offended, so not sure why that is stated.…/southwest-takes-passenger-wing/

  87. Technically speaking the passenger was not “kicked off” the plane, but only “diverted” due to circumstances. Otherwise, yes – thanks to Southwest dedication to customer service this passenger was able to be and get where she was supposed to be.

  88. Am deeply touched and gratified by the highest sense of care compassion and excellent customer care servuces offered by officials of Southwest Airlines to this woman. Even though they have never flown to The Gambia, West Africa but this life saving support should serve as an important learning curve for many airlines to emulate. Southwest should be nominated by International Air Transportation Association for the airline of the year 2017. It doesn’t matter how educated, talented, rich or famous you are; how you treat other people tells everything, integrity is everything. Bravo Southwest and keep it up.

  89. I have flown SWA a number of times and was always impressed with the flight attendants and other staff. On several flights one of the attendants would begin the usual monologue about emergency landings, exits and seatbelts, only it was filled with hilarious inserts (“if you’re flying with a young child … I’m sorry …) that had the entire plane in hysterics by the time the plane took off. If anyone had been nervous, they sure weren’t by the end of that!

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