6 Over the Top Diesel Stacks

You can always tell the guys living out the dreams they had as small boys since they fitted giant semi style stacks to the truck.

1. Lifted F350 Super Duty Dually

While browsing the internet for other articles, this over the top F-350 popped up and I knew I had to do a slideshow of just trucks and stacks. This Super Duty obviously has been lifted, and then fitted with a set of Alcoa rims typically seen on heavy duty 5 ton trucks. The girl in the cab is going to need here friend to help here down, or a ladder.

2. Just One Big Stack

Stacks are more an matter of style than performance; the Power Stroke motor breaths just fine through the stock system. Most people go for a stack on either side, for a balanced look, but some prefer just on big stack in the middle of the bed or off to one side. Not only is this cheaper and simpler to plumb, it functions like a middle finger, poking into the eye of environmentalists and the EPA do-gooders. Better keep a beach ball in the cab or something though with a stack like this, in case it rains and you need to plug the pipe.

3. Show-off

This truck really didn’t need to add any stacks, after all it is not like it was wanting for attention, but if you are going to go for it, you have to go all the way. I can only imagine the how over the top the hat, belt buckle and cowboy boots the driver of this truck must wear.

4. Triple Stacked

Technically are these even stacks? What they really remind me of are the exhaust exits in the side of an airplane cowl in WWII. Too bad it is going to exhaust out of all of them at once, and not alternate one at a time, like a proper fighter plane would.

5. Too Tall

The higher the stacks, the closer to god! This truck’s stacks are reaching up to the heavens as if the very sky above is asking for some of that sweet sweet exhaust.

6. Double Trouble

Seriously, are those twin diesel stacks, or does he have two BBQ meat smokers mounted in the bed? These stacks are the most ambitious we’re seen in a while and big enough to swallow a wayward pigeon if it were to drop too low.

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